I have determined I am NOT exotic

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At least not after one class.  The instructor for my exotic dance class tonight told me at the end of the class, “it’s a lot of ‘sex’ for one night”.  OMG, did I really sign up for this?

Yes you did, leopard print drapes, sexy music, indirect lighting and all.

I took this class to be with my zumba ladies, let my proverbial hair down and spend my last month in my 40’s doing something new and different.  Ya think? Check this off the bucket list.

Here are a few things I learned tonight:
1. Under Armour is not sexy in any way. Note to self: wear something else next week.

2. Bare feet is not conducive to exotic dance. Note to self:  although I do not own one single pair of heels, you need to purchase a pair before next week.

3. “All the guys want is a#*”.  That is what she said, and I quote.Nothing more said.

4. I have nylon burns on my palms from rubbing the Underarmour on my thighs, hips and booty.  I don’t think in these past 49 years total that I have ever touched my body that much.  One of the ladies said she got to second base with herself!

5. It is workout, over 400 calories.  I took off my BodyBugg halfway through as it was hindering my ‘feeling sexy mood’.  PS my quads are burning too.

6. Apparently a double Bourbon on the rocks with ginger ale can help loosen the mind and body.  I will have to try that next week.

7. All the years of bachelor parties that my husband and male friends have attended, I now have more than a vision, I have experienced the skill it takes for a ‘lap dance’.  (You don’t want to know.)

8.  Exotic dance takes strength and agility and balance.  For the few of us who had to improvise or amend the dance because of bad backs, bad ACL/Knees or just not limber, we will get there without doing irreparable damage to ourselves or others.

9.  It is truly, what goes on at dance, stays at dance.  The fact that I never got my “J-Lo on” at Zumba when dancing to Sexy Moviemento, has transferred to Exotic Dance.

Bottom line: I had fun.  I laughed and danced and little by little became more comfortable with an exotic me.  Although I looked apoplectic at some points, I can feel that Lady Gaga raging to come out.  Hell, as long as I don’t dislocate anything, I should be good to go. 

I don’t think I can practice this at home yet without giggling.  I vow to keep you all posted as I progress this month of classes. Hey, ya never know.

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