I have a confession to make

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Come in a little closer; that’s better. (ladies, you will get this) I am somewhat embarrassed to admit this but I have re-read the entire Fifty Shades trilogy in the span of about 9 days.  There.  I said it aloud (in writing) and it feels cathartic.

My husband must have been wondering why he continued to see my clutching that Kindle until after midnight and finding it laying around outside near the hammock or on the deck.  Now you know Ants.

But, before you judge me or mock me, keep in mind that I was benched from physical activity since my wipe out at Perecca’s two weeks ago.  I just returned to Zumba and Spinning but only one class a day.  Therefore I have some free time, hence the opportunity to do some reading. Could I have cleaned the bathroom, weeded the garden or prepared for back to school?  Sure, but would it have been better than this? Not on your life.

I have read other books more than once.  Tale of Two Cities is my favorite and is still on my Kindle. Sydney Carton is a wonderful character that your heart bleeds for. Any book by Nicholas Sparks such as Message in a Bottle or The Notebook is a sure double read. With characters played by Richard Gere and Kevin Costner, hello?! I have always loved to read and the Kindle has been so accommodating.  I can read more than one book at a time and I can carry them on one device in my purse.

Since finishing the series the first time, I have moved on to other titles in the Fifty Shades genre with recommendations from my friends such as Bared to You by Sylvia Day. Gideon Cross is a good character but he uses a word that I just disdain that Christian Grey does not. I was forewarned so I am passing that scoop on to you.  Her second book is due out in October.

I will tell you it is better the second time around.  You find more points that you missed the first time and I enjoyed it. I still cried at the same parts, and still found the romance in the story where others may not have. It served it’s purpose: to keep my mind off the fact that I could not go to the gym and be active.  That’s my story and I am stickin’ to it.

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