I am too old to be falling down

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On Friday mornings I make my runs for fresh Italian foods for the pizza and pasta dishes we make over the weekend.  I go to Perreca’s for bread and dough and Cappiellos for cheese and meats.  Today was no different, except……

I was a little light headed after Spinning class this morning.  I ate and had coffee but even after a shower, I felt a little off.  I drove down to Perreca’s and upon going up their steps I wiped out.  I mean 150 pounds of momentum hitting those cement stairs. This is going to leave a mark. The fall took my shoe right off.

Now I am bleeding on both knees and shaking.  Inside the door stands a  young man, about 25 years old.  He looks out, sees me laying there and turns away. REALLY?

The woman that works there is a sweetie and her name escapes me now because my knee is killing me.  Anyway, she comes out (after yelling at him) and helps me and brings me inside to sit down. Like all good Italian moms, she whips out a first aid kit from her purse ready to clean these wounds, treat them and bandage them.  (Thank you so much)

Both knees are shot, two toes and a perfectly good pedicure down the toilet.  I am writing this while i am on hold with my orthopedic office to see the doctor.   The knee that took the brunt of the fall is the knee I has surgery on last July. Great.

So now I am sitting on the chair behind the counter, the smell of fresh bread and Provolone cheese is positively healing. I think I feel better already.  I am being bandaged waiting to feel a little better and the baker comes out to check on me.  Then another baker. “I am OK” I tell them. They ask if I need anything,  I tell them a fireman would be great.  Firemen are always good in these types of situations and I thought if I passed out, what better arms to fall into, right? Sorry Chip. Anyway, I am feeling steadier so I  proceed to purchase my bread and dough and goodies. 

Then I thank them and leave.  To go home you say? No. I still need the cheese for the pizza. So I drive to Cappiellos to purchase the additional things I need for the weekend.  On my front seat are the Black Eyed Susans that i cut this morning to bring to Mary.  I give them to her without telling my sad, sad tale, I purchase my goodies and drive home.

Wouldn’t any good Italian mother do the same?  I could not very well leave without the cheese?

I am now going to apply ice, take a few Advil and wait for them to call me back with an appointment. I ache all over and perhaps I earned a piece of cheese and bread.  Ya think?

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