I am tired of wearing the same size underwear

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Is that TMI? I went down a size last year and BodyBugg or no, I cannot budge off this plateau.

Today is Ash Wednesday and as you may remember, every year I give up my favorite thing:  Chocolate.  This year, in an effort to lose those last nagging 10 pounds, I am going to give up cheese.  Yes say goodbye to my friends Gouda, Feta and Swiss. So I am what? 20 hours into this and I am already in pain totally consumed with the thoughts of what I cannot have.  The kids had pizza tonight and the smell was killing me. Can I make it to the end?

This is my 101th blogg.  I blogg about many things but there are certain underlying elements that repeat…and not just being Italian. Speaking of which, if I were in Italy, I would be THIN.  What am I doing here? Taking classes at 5:45 am and Zumba at night…CRAZY.

Cheese has been my downfall, that and some stress mixed in here and there. I need to go to my happy place…a place where cheese is not a cardinal sin but a healthy snack. And I do NOT mean 75% fat free cheese, that is criminal.

Have you heard of Body Pump?  It is a new class at the gym utilizing various weights on a barbell.  It is good and sick at the same time.  While I was laying on my back pushing that barbell up and down I actually thought to myself, “how many calories am I burning and can I have cheese in my salad?”  Ok time to cut that off cold turkey.

I will continue to blogg throughout Lent.  I was thinking of my Irish roommate Patricia and the look of pure ecstasy when she tried smoked mozzarella in pasta.  Priceless.

Well 40+ days to go I have a goal in my sights to lose that last bit of weight.  That is not the final number, just another milestone.  I find it coincidental that the drug Prolia, that I just received via injection is helping my bones but not my underwear size. Ugh. Healthy bones or a size 6 Calvin Klein jeans?  Decisions, decisions.

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