I am so hot…

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Literally, I am so hot. Ladies, you know what I mean.  Gents, depending on your age and relationship status, you too may know what I mean.

As I sit here preparing to post this blog I have already stripped off this light weight sweatshirt once, put it back on  and removed it yet again.  I usually have a glass of wine when I write my posts but  I fear that the increase in my body temperature may set of the heat detector in my house.

Even Izzy couldn’t stand the radiation of my menopausal state.  She is at the other end of the sofa breathing quite heavily.

I have lived with these hot flashes since my hysterectomy in 2004. Yes, that’s 10 years.  One of the side effects of Tamoxifen can be increased hot flashes. Ya think? It’s never terribly bad and I try and convince myself that although annoying, they will not kill me.  The breast cancer could have, so you take the pills and deal with this minor inconvenience.  Minor?  Let’s review.

  • I love a good strong surge from a hot flash when in the throws of spin class about two thirds of the way through class- breathing hard, heart is racing and yup, that wave of heat hits and I feel like I am at mile 26 of the NYC Marathon.
  • Or how about when I am in a meeting or a discussion that is somewhat heated or uncomfortable and the lovely glow comes across my face and neck. NO, I am not mad, sad or embarrassed….I am just menopausal!
  • The poor little young girl that did my bikini wax tonight was so concerned that I was alright based on the blush and flush of heat that she stopped and said, “did I hurt you?” What?  Menopause aside, I think that particular ‘service’ could cause a 22 year old to break into a sweat.  Maybe I get a pass on that one.
  • Turtlenecks or no longer my friend, wool socks a no-no and short exposure to the glowing hearth of my fireplace is all I can stand.  I feel a kindred spirit with the proverbial guy who sits in his underwear watching the football game only I am in shorts and t-shirt watching the Hallmark Christmas movie channel.
  • Do I get them when it is 32 degrees and raining sideways at the powered puff football game? NO. Or how about at 5:30 in the morning, in the dark, at a regatta when setting up the chuck wagon?  NO. No, that would be too easy.

Truth be told, there are medications that can alleviate or eliminate these acts of nature but the side effects far outweigh the benefits.  No thank you. I’ll keep explaining that I am not mad, sad or indifferent.  I am actually quite lucky that I am able to sit and laugh about this.  I know that at some point in Body Pump class tomorrow morning, I will turn to my fellow gym rat and say, “Is it hot in here?” And another day begins.


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  1. Dolly Knight

    OH Karen, it was worth waiting for. I passed the little caption along to all my menopausal relatives and they loved it. you have my deepest sympathies on those flashes I still get them at age 66 🙂
    thanks for the laughs though. always greatly appreciated.



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