I am off the rails, already.

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January 8th, that’s it, only January 8th and I already feel crazed.

The time is flying by with madness. I may have updated you all that Jack passed his quarter, thank God. He has a few bumps and bruises from basketball but that comes with the territory. (as any good Italian mother will say, ‘my son did not commit that foul. What? OK so that boy ended up in the bleachers…it was an accident’)

Amelia is on the injured list once again. Whoever said basketball, especially girls basketball is not a contact sport has obviously not watched it in recent times. It is just this side of roller derby, no lie. She has an injury and will be out of commission until the beginning of March. My daughter is learning the value of true friendship and what it means to be able to distinguish between sincerity and insincerity. Not easy lessons and sometimes what you find out may shock you. She will be fine. She has a good head on her shoulders.

Tonight was Buccatini (low-fat) Alfredo. Yummy….but the family is back on track. Homework is done; laundry is done; and lunches for tomorrow are made. I paid bills…yikers, holiday bills always hurt so I am sitting with a glass of Prosecco. Don’t all Italians pay their bills while sipping Prosecco? I believe it is medicinal. It eases the pain.

Honest to God, I have been sitting here for about 5 minutes and I cannot remember what I was going to tell you all. God that frustrates me. I fear that one day soon I will drive to my office and forget my address and how to get home. I find Christmas presents hidden in my closet in July yet I can remember the words to just about every song on Casey Kasem’s Top 40 from 1971…Holy cow. The last time I left the White Plains office, I almost ended up in Pennsylvania by taking the wrong turn on I84.

Maybe tomorrow I will remember and can tell you; maybe not. Maybe I will wake up and will no longer crave chocolate or cheese or any other sinful food, maybe not. Lent is coming up fast, I might have to stockpile my intake.

Be Well.

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