I am failing out of PT

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Author’s note:  To the person or persons who made it known  to me that this subject matter is not quite ready for prime time and a little too ‘honest’. Don’t read it.  It’s ok. Go back to the nightly news or whatever it is that you do in the evening.  This is a serious topic for most women in my age group and if pelvic PT works, the patient can avoid painful and costly surgery, as well as quality of life. I think that makes this topic relevant and worthy of a little fun and laughter to lighten the levity of the issue.

So, if you’re still with me and up for it, here is my Va Jay-Jay PT update.

OK sorry if I had some attitude there but I have been under a great deal of stress lately.   True, no more than anyone else, but none-the-less, stressful. I had my PT appointment with Kate this afternoon.  I just love Kate.  She is funny, engaging and super supportive.  We have been working together for weeks and have seen little to no improvement in this particular muscular region (wink-wink).  We have had probes, stim, bands,  exercises  and other accouterments and my little friend is holding out.

I will reserve my comments on ‘weights’ for another time. That was an ego level setter for sure (and yes, there is such a thing as vaginal weights).

Bottom line- I am failing my pelvic PT tests.  Yes, I had such high hopes for the body part that brought life into this world, twice, and brings me such pleasure..  I thought after a month or so of PT exercise, she would be better, faster, stronger.  Nope, I just can’t get that contraction measuring needle to move.

Kate and I worked on some squats and lunges in conjunction with the squeeze of a Kegel.  Try it ladies. It is not easy.  For my girlfriends who have issues with leaking when running or jumping, give it a shot. It can help- 30 reps of each!

Pelvic floor issues are serious and we Baby Boomers are in the throws of distress.  I laugh at the articles I see talking about ways to stop leaks,  or referring to my bladder as an entity with a mind and a goal.  Really? Because mine is sooo not cooperating.

Yet never fear.  This Va Jay-Jay has met her match. Kate, I will see you in three weeks and those muscle contractions will be stronger and pinning that meter all the way to the right. I just have to be sure that probe does not fall out of my purse at Starbucks, the gas station or the dry cleaner on the way home.  I am not ready to explain that to anyone.

Keep squeezing!

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