I am about to go AWOL

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As you know, I had a wicked fall last Friday and have had my Zumba and activity restricted by my orthopedic doctor.  The x-rays showed no damage to the knee except for a killer bone bruise and I think what he called a ‘serious cut’.  The verdict:  no Zumba for two weeks…he specifically said NO ZUMBA and my husband heard him too. Drats… now I am a prisoner. 

I am on day four and I am cagey and bananas.  I attempted to bust out to go to BodyPump class at 5:45 this morning but the guilt police stopped me.  “Go ahead, make it worse and it will be even longer before you are back to class”.  Message received. (I will admit I contemplated putting Fredrick in neutral and pushing him down the driveway so I wouldn’t be heard.)

I did some laundry today and at the bottom of the basket sat the workout clothes I wore Friday morning to Spinning class. I held them for a brief moment and shared a thought of a happy time on the bike, in the dark, sweating and breathing and cursing that tiny little instructor….heehee.  I folded them ever so carefully awaiting the day when I can once again don some Under Armour, or Nike or super soft post-workout fleece.  Ahhhh, I can dream.

As I am writing this, my dear Zumba ladies texted me after tonight’s class.  They said they missed me.  I miss you guys too.  I can feel my muscles tightening, my glutes sagging and as a person who has never been too co-ordinated, I fear that atrophy will set into my brain and legs and a salsa will be a distant memory. I will need you guys to fill me in on the songs, the scoop and the new guy who is teaching class. I need some Pitbull: STAT.

Working out is good for the soul, the mind and the body…pretty much in that order.  If you take care of those things, in that order, I think you end up a good guy all the way around.  I know I have surrounded myself with friends who believe in that too…and that text confirmed it.  I hope you ladies have regarded my spot in the second row and you are keeping an eye out for Peggy and “the Russian”.  I won’t say too much about the debacle with the spin bike…I will save that for another day…still waiting for that perfect time Kim.

I am going to ice this bad boy, take some Advil and hope for a good movie on the Hallmark Channel. Oh God, Help me.   Even Izzy is looking at me like, really?  Let’s put on that iPod and go for a walk.  Soon, Izzy, soon. At least I can’t clean the house either….shouldn’t be kneeling or squating, or so the guilt police say…..

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