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…… can 10 people eat? Well, in an Italian house, you cook for twice that.  My sister Amy bought her first home this year and we are celebrating the 4th of July in her backyard.  We have discussed the menu for the BBQ for weeks and after a menu summary phone call with her last night, I finally asked her who else was coming.  She said just us…no outsiders! Really? OK, so I worked twice as hard on my abs at Zumba last night and burned 620 calories in that hour.  I have 3 more classes until my knee surgery on Tuesday. I am not sure that’s enough to bank for the food fest that is about to occur.

Part of our picnic tradition is Bocce Ball.  This is very serious and we inspect the grass fully for debris that might compromise that winning shot.  We used to go to my brother’s house but he has too many gopher holes and we cannot have that. My mother was a great bowler and therefore a spectacular Bocce Ball queen. My husband already “called her” as his partner.  So much for 22 years of marriage huh?

I love the fireworks on the 4th and I have to admit carried a few over the Rhode Island State border so that we may partake this weekend. Nothing big, sparklers and snakes.  I love those! Amy, I hate to rat you out but do you remember running with sparklers when you were little?  You wore dad’s fireproof glove because you were afraid to be burned.  Joey, on the other had attached them to his bike and rode as fast as he could with the sparklers under his butt. And that’s all I have to say about that!

So have fun and celebrate this weekend.  Remember why we honor this day.  We live in a wonderfully free, and I dare say, tolerant country.  Many men and women have died over these centuries to protect those freedoms. On 9/11 we were attacked and terrorized on our own soil.  For months after that, every car, home and office flew that flag.  Where are those flags now? Raise your flag and be proud that we are Americans. (I will get off my soapbox now) Happy Independence Day!

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