How do you celebrate your birthday?

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Today is my birthday. I am 54 years old and so happy to tell you that number. I can tell you I have celebrated my birthday in over 100 different ways. I hope to celebrate it in 100 more ways.

As a child, my birthday was often Halloween themed because if its proximity to the holiday.  Black and orange plates and cups but there was always a great home-made cake and wonderful presents. I had sleepovers, bowling parties and pin the tail on the donkey, really.

We lived in a flat above my grandmother and she would sneak out to the mailbox and ‘steal’ the birthday cards and not give them to me until my actual birthday because you should not open them ’till your birthday’. I used to feel so badly that I did not get any cards until I realized what she did.  (I miss her.)

College birthdays…hmmm. The drinking age was 18 back then and I did partake, slightly. (Di, don’t tell those old “booter stories”!) When I turned 21 I think it was a snowball or a fireball that I drank at Muddy’s that put me over the edge.

As a new mother, we used to go to Vermont and spend the weekend in a condo that we rented.  We watched Barney Halloween tapes and the kids and Chip would make me a cake.  It was the best cake I ever had. One birthday in Vermont I was waiting to hear the results and my plan of attack for a lump they found in my left breast.  That one I will never forget.

Now today, in the age of technology, the only cards I receive in the mail are from my mother and my siblings.   My brother mails me a card reminding me how lucky I am to have him as a brother.  (Love you Joey) My sister Amy writes me a Roses are Red, Violets are Blue poem every year. (Ready for that Martini!) I have had over 130 birthday wishes on Facebook and via texts/email today. Each and every ding of my phone made me smile all day.  I thank you all for that!

Tonight I am sitting here above my basement full of over 30 Germans and Americans.  I hear laughter and mixed languages and I am smiling.  Earlier I had my neighbor ‘twins’ here for cake and ‘twin hugs’.  Those boys warm my heart like no other. The only thing missing is Amelia.  She is studying at RIT and don’t worry Boo, you’ve got this!

Chip and I just had dinner and a glass of wine.  I am happy and content.  The gifts that you wish for and cherish no longer come in boxes and packages.  They come in the form of people, hugs and conversation.

Thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes.  You have filled my heart and soul and for that, I am so lucky. Good night.

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