Once a Blue Devil…Always a Blue Devil

I have proudly been a Blue Devil for 42 years. COVID may have stolen our 40th celebration but not our spirit. My high school memories are strong, and I am thankful for the many friendships I still enjoy over these four decades. Some members of my class were gone, and...

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Sixteen Months to the Day

Author's note: I wrote this on the 15th, but with the usual closing delays, we did not finalize until the 16th. Today, sixteen months to the day, I am selling and closing my late husband’s company, The Bajan Group, after 32 years in business. I could not do this...

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About Me

KarenHello and welcome.
I am often asked, “What is Pasta on the Floor?”
Pasta on the Floor is different for everyone. It is a recipe that tells a story and inspires them to try something new. For others, stories of family, joy, loss, and hope engage with them. This brings me a great deal of happiness. I do not take myself too seriously, so be forewarned the subject matter is open and truthful. In many ways, Pasta is a tale of life, and I think you will find familiarity and commonality as you scroll through these pages.

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