Holiday Wishes.

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I love Christmas. We are just five short days away from the most magical day of the year. As the 25th draws near, my melancholy mood increases. Each year I go through this, and each year Chip reminds me to enjoy every single moment of it. I know, I know.

I never want this season to end.

  • I love the smell of the four, yes four live trees in the house. (I just added a fresh tree to the bathroom. It is spectacular!)
  • The glow of the other nine, yes, you read it, nine artificial tree lights permits me to keep the house lights low and bask in candlelight for ambiance.
  • The jingle of the bells that hang from just about every doorknob in the house.
  • The ability to drink Prosecco for no other reason than it’s Christmas. Ok, truth be told, I don’t really need a reason.
  • Cookie dough batter. Not MY cookie dough batter since I dislike baking so much and I am horrific at it.
  • Visitors who come to say hello, to share a cup of coffee, or to meet at a diner one snowy night for bacon and eggs.
  • Oh, the sounds of Johnny Mathis, The Carpenters, and The Partridge Family Christmas album.

Now that I have listed these reasons for the season, outside of a few Christmas specific items, why couldn’t I do these things all year long? Yes. I. Can.

HO-HO-HO. Where did you go?

The kids are technically home, and I know this because of the dozens of shoes in my mudroom and the multitude of cars in my driveway. The house is alive again with college kids sitting in my kitchen and sharing their stories of campus life. For a moment I am transported back to the times I sat with my parents so happy to be home.

This year, however, I noticed as Amelia and Jack have progressed through school and graduate school, the stresses seem more visible. Grades, athletic performance, travel, health, and some widespread worry.  I can fix some of this. They just need some mom.

  • Decorating the Christmas trees in their bedrooms. Looking at over 18 years of collected ornaments should make them smile just a bit.
  • Opening the numbered door each day and finding some silly piece of candy, ornament, or cash. Did I just hear a laugh or a groan?
  • (Ok maybe not this one) Asking them where they are going and reminding them there are kidnappers, ax murderers, thieves, and overall derelicts out there lurking in mall parking lots.
  • Hugging them so tightly they squirm away after a few moments.  I drink in their smells and keep it in my mind for comfort when they leave in a few short weeks. I hope they feel the same.

Maybe some of these rituals will return them to a simpler time, and infuse a sense of home and peace.

My holiday wishes

How fortunate am I that I do not want for much.  I am onboard with Jack’s philosophy that gifts are for experiences not things. Let’s not get crazy here. I would gladly except a Peloton bike, an espresso machine, and Prosecco on tap.

However, after much thought, here are my four holiday wishes.

  • I yearn to sleep a deep and peaceful sleep like Izzy.
  • I aspire to love with my whole heart and soul like Jack.
  • I long to laugh out loud at myself and with my friends like Amelia.
  • I crave to love, support, and be present with my family like Chip.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you from my heart. Eat the cookie, stay up late watching It’s a Wonderful Life, and sing along with Dean Martin. Hug your friends, family, and pets just a little harder tonight.

pug sleeping in a dog bed.

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