Holiday Lights

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Whether young or old, I believe there is something magical in holiday lights. The simplicity, the colors, and the creativity are dazzling.  When I was pregnant with Amelia, Chip would drive me around the neighborhood with a hot chocolate in hand so I could look at the lights. Spending these last few Christmases without him has been so terribly hard, but I still hang my Christmas lights.

Holiday lights all year long?

So, why do we not utilize holiday lights all year round? Well, for one, I do! Isn’t it funny the joy holiday lights can bring? In my office, I have a cheesy tree sprayed to look like it is covered in snow.  When I am in a Zoom meeting, I see people smile.  I keep white lights on the archway all year in my backyard, from dusk to dawn. When I wake up at night and can’t sleep, I look out the window and see the lights.  They are beautiful, especially covered in snow.

Even in my saddest moments, Christmas lights help me to remember happy times with Chip. How I loved to get up early and let Chip sleep. I’d make a cup of coffee and turn on the Christmas tree. Back then, our trees were at least 12 feet high, so it lit up the house. My pug, Izzy, and I would watch a Hallmark Christmas movie, waiting for Chip to wake up and share Sunday Breakfast. Together, we would cook, listen to Holiday music, and talk. How simple, yet so perfect.

Merry Christmas


I remember being a kid on Christmas morning.  I opened my bedroom door and inhaled the wave of fresh pine that swept up the stairs when I opened my bedroom door.  My siblings, Joey, Amy, and I would tiptoe down and turn on the tree. It was usually about 3 am, so we would see the unwrapped gifts Santa left, then curl up in our blankets and pillows underneath the tree and wait for our parents to awaken and let the celebration begin. We still talk about those old days!

Chip and I started a tradition when the kids were about the age when they were sleeping in twin beds. Amelia and Jack each had a Christmas tree in their room. It was theirs to decorate and remained on all night long.

When it was bedtime, we read a book and talked about Christmas elves. You see, the elves would come in the night and leave a unique ornament under the tree if the kids were good. If not, no ornament was found. Well, as you can imagine, behavior at Christmas time was near perfection, and the ornaments grew in number.  Last year, I gave Amelia her box of ornaments she can now use in her home with Nick (aka Skates). Jack is living in Berlin, so I will hold his box of ornaments for now.

Life and Christmas Goes On

The kids are grown and living the lives they are meant to live, and watching it is a gift.  I do not think witnessing this without Chip will ever get easier. This past week, a dear friend lost her husband.  A New York State Trooper who contributed to the efforts to look for survivors after 9/11 at the World Trade Center. Cancer stole his body but not his soul or legacy. I wrote his obituary, and a combination of emotions struck me.  I wavered from a sense of gratitude and awe to anger and the unfairness of loss. Sadly, I have a few close friends who are widows like me, and I am sickened to add yet another.  I tell you this because people are hurting; you may not realize or see it. I am so fortunate to have people around me who call, meet me for coffee (or Prosecco), and humor me when I ask if they have time to chat late at night.  I am so grateful.

I want to give a special thank you to Francesca, the Manager at my local Hoffman’s Car Wash. This young woman sat in my car with me yesterday when I was too emotional to drive through the car wash.  Silly? Perhaps, but yet again, it is a gift that I am so grateful for.

Me and Miss Tillie, the Christmas Bulldog

Miss Tillie, my trusted companion, and I invite you to shine your holiday lights, reach out to someone who needs a little boost, and, most of all, be kind to yourself. i always watch the Christmas shows. Tillie loves the Christmas lights and prefers to chew her toys while placing her head just under the tree. Tillie is a great holiday show-watching companion. Years ago, Chip would humor me and as the children grew up and went to college, our movie snacks changed from popcorn and hot chocolate to Wine and cheese.  I like to give special thanks to Dr. Seuss, and How the Grinch Stole Christmas for his immortal words:

“Welcome, Christmas, bring your cheer. Cheer to all Whos far and near. Christmas Day is in our grasp, so long as we have hands to clasp. Christmas Day will always be just as long as we have we.”


Christmas Lights


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