Holiday absolution.

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Ok let me just admit it for us both.

Christmas is stressful. There are such pressures to do what you’ve always done or what you think others want you to do. SO many times i hear people say their holiday was “ok”, or “stressful”, or in some cases, “awful”. That makes me sad so here is your 10 second lesson on holiday absolution. defines absolution as a noun, “act of absolving; a freeing from blame or guilt; release from consequences, obligations, or penalties.”

Below are a  few of the topics and decisions we face each holiday season. We lament, argue with family, ponder and waste the life that we are so lucky to have.  See what you think:

  • Holiday cards- do them or don’t it is your I love getting cards, but I do not like to send them. I am impatient when sitting there and writing them out.
  • Baking- I worked for a wonderful man at LexisNexis who once said to me when we were trying to grow the business, “you can build it, buy it or steal it (sales).” Same holds true for baking. Make it, buy it or well, you can’t steal cookies, but you get the drift.
  • Drinking- moderation my friends and use a driving service like Uber if you are unsure. I love my readers and don’t want to lose anyone over a poor decision to drive.
  • Dinner- cook what makes you happy stress-free and able to enjoy your family. If it is Christmas brunch, afternoon hors d’oeuvres, or dinner with a full rack of lamb, you do you. Don’t pressure yourself to be Martha Stewart. Be comfortable with your decision and sit back and relax. You may be surprised to learn that  that everyone was looking for a change.
  • That leads to clothes and holiday ‘dress code.’ Touchy subject but I vote for comfortable. I don’t think anyone has left my house on Christmas Eve because they couldn’t wait to take off their pantyhose or tie. I hug just as strong in jeans as I do in a dress!
  • And where do you celebrate? Wherever you want to. You are making your memories and the memories for your family. Be where you want to be so when you call upon those Christmas memories, you smile and can almost smell the fireplace, coffee brewing and the sound of the kids laughing.

Be comfortable. It makes you happy. Happy people know how to celebrate with gusto.

So Merry Christmas to all and here’s to good health, virtuous food, loose clothes and superior hugs and kisses.

I have extra if you need any.

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