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Blogger’s note: As you will soon read, I began this post very early Christmas morning. Shortly thereafter, time took on a face of it’s own and my poor little Amelia ended up without an appendix, but with a holiday story of her own to tell. So below is the original post with a few more added ‘here’s to’ comments.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Good morning and Merry Christmas everyone. This Christmas morning it’s me and Izzy, sitting by the tree and reliving the events of yesterday’s celebration with family and friends.  So here are a few thoughts and observations from this 2015 Christmas season.

  • Here’s to… Christmas Eve morning workouts at the gym when everyone is  a little more ‘smiley’ and you can hear Merry Christmas from just about everyone.
  • Here’s to… breakfast with good friends as an annual tradition. It’s the calm before the storm and a time to power up on Perreca’s toast and breakfast specialties.
  • Here’s to… Pitbull. I’ll explain.  As I was preparing for our Christmas Eve festivities I was feeling a little off kilter.  I could not find my rhythm to start the cooking process.  I had the Christmas tunes on but was not feeling it.  Once I started playing a little Pitbull, I relaxed and the process started.  90 minutes later I was almost done and ready for the fun to start. Chi Chi Bon Bon!
  • Here’s to… frozen bottles of wine that exploded in the freezer as we thought we could accelerate the chilling process.
  • Here’s to… 72 degrees hanging around a keg on the deck. I  haven’t done that since 1996
  • Here’s to… pugs. Say no more.
  • Here’s to… a house full of kids eating laughing and playing.
  • Here’s to… the twins, Tommy and Sammy who make our Christmas Eve every year.
  • Here’s to… laughter that came from young and old over every thing from politics to Warwick (naked) Rowers.
  • Here’s to… High school friends from Pittsburgh- Thanks John, Beverly and JT!
  • Here’s to… cookies from friends…I hate to bake- Greek/Italian friends that bake- you are amazing.
  • Here’s to… a menopausal mind that forgets that I hid more presents and is only reminded by the somewhat perplexed look on Jack’s face when he sees his presents look a little sparse.
  • Here’s to the people at St. Peter’s hospital who on a holiday took care of Amelia and my family and made the best of a scary situation.
  • Here’s to… Chip.  There are so many reasons this holiday season.  He is the best pizza maker, keg tapper and ying to my yang. He slept on an easy chair (ha) in Amelia’s room all night so she wouldn’t be alone.  He slept in my room after every birth, surgery and hospital admission.  While he cannot seem to remember where he placed his keys or wallet, he always remembers his family and how and when we need him.
  • Here’s to my only son Jack, an Italian prince who remained home throughout the whole appendix debacle and held down the fort… with a little help of I Love NY Pizza, Mr. Wasabi and Kraft Mac ‘n Cheese.
  • Here’s to Dr. Seuss’ classic holiday tale, How the Grinch Stole Christmas.  The closing lines are my favorite.

[last lines] Welcome, Christmas, bring your cheer.
Cheer to all Whos far and near.
Christmas Day is in our grasp
So long as we have hands to clasp.
Christmas Day will always be
Just as long as we have we.
Welcome, Christmas, while we stand
Heart to heart,… and hand in hand.

Best wishes to all in the new year,


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