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I have been really good on this diet these past 6 weeks or so and I am down 8.6 pounds! I am very pleased with the results and have really settled in to this groove of low carb foods.  Ahh, settled in to all but the lack of alcohol.  It has been a tough work week with many challenges and I just finished an hour long Zumba class and Thursday nights have always been by Grey’s Anatomy and Martini night.  Well both of those are gone, sadly.

This ‘no alcohol’ thing been bugging me so I began researching carbs, sugars etc. and drinking. I found that the stash I have had in my freezer of Skinny Girl Cucumber Vodka had ZERO carbs and is 76 calories. Add that to Diet Tonic and I am on the road to happiness. It is spectacular.

(picture me smiling and deep breathing the aroma of that freshly squeezed lime)

My bun-less, cheese-less turkey burger dinner is a distant memory faded away and replaced with this Vodka and Tonic with fresh lime.  My soul is once again in flight…still yearning for some goat cheese and figs on a baguette but beggars cannot be choosers.

So cheers all.  Happy Thursday night!

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