Good Morning

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This is my second morning rising before 6am.  I have always been the type that once my mind is moving, it tells my body, “if I am up, you are up” and so the day begins. Yesterday I had such a pain in my left side: tumor! Oh yea, it is a tumor and it is going to kill me.  I think that way all the time. So I am up now, what can I do?

Yesterday morning I was at Walmart by 6:45am, couponizer and shopping bags ready to go.  My husband bought a new car and I love to drive it. I think it does 0-60 mph in something like 4.2 seconds. (I think I told you before, we are a loyal Audi family.) His last car I named Fredrick (free-drik).  This one has a mind of its own that begs for the name Christine, like Stephen King’s character, but I cannot do that to German engineering. Wolfgang is a better and more suitable name.

So, I digress.  Wolfie and I made a pitstop at Dunkin’ Donuts for an iced coffee, opened the sun roof, cranked up the heat and hit those windy back roads. It felt great.  I had the radio on and before I knew it, I was at the store, a mere 20 miles away. I strolled about, made my purchases and was back on the road, home and groceries unpacked by 8:10am.  Now what can I do?

I put in two loads of laundry, stripped the beds, changed the sheets and was at Zumba by 10:00am.  Burned a great 508 calories with Judy yesterday, thanks Judy!!! Came home, showered, went to get my haircut (and colored, shhhhhh!).  Back by 2:00, went to the store with Amelia, shopped for dinner and home by 4:00. etc., etc., etc…..

Are you going to ask:  what time did you go to bed?  The boys were on the back porch doing ‘man-stuff’ smoking a cigar and looking up sneakers on the Nike website. (Jack passed on the cigar, ha-ha).  I was hugging the pug and was out by 9:30. So was Amelia.

And here I sit this morning at 6:17am.  I think I will walk up to the store and Starbucks; get the paper and a cup of Joe.  Have a great day all and don’t waste a day, ever.  There is a difference in lazing around and hanging out with family and friends and wasting a day.  The sun is coming up now and I think it is going to be a good one. Do you think the leaf blower and hedge trimmer will wake the neighbors?

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