God’s best- a dog.

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I love my dog Izzy. She is an 8 year old Pug and a very large part of our family life. Izzy is aging and things are beginning to change.  Her hearing is gone, her shoulder is sublaxed and basically she is a pug so say no more.

I took her to the vet recently because she was having an issue with her tail, yes her tail!  As we sat waiting for the doctor Izzy became agitated and the one who soothes needed to be soothed.  The brave one became the scared one and her eyes said, “don’t leave me!”

I have had other dogs in my life and each time you lose one, you swear you won’t do it again but life without them is just not possible. The benefits we enjoy far outweighs the pain of holding them as we say good-bye. They give so much and ask nothing in return.  I have read the posts, tweets and seen the pictures of friends in pure grief over the loss of their dog. I cry as it reminds me of losing my old friends.  They are active in my memories.  All this made me think.

How could a little soul with no job, no money, no ability to drive, cook or scratch your back have such an impact on your life?

How can they show love and empathy without a word and just a look in their eyes?

How can they be so smart and protective without ever being told how?

They know what everyone is getting for Christmas. 

They see you at your best and worst and never, ever judge.

They love us. No. Matter. What.

Perhaps cats have a similar ability but I truly have no desire to find out. I do not dislike cats but I have never been able to bond with one. Many of my friends and family have cats and speak of them in ways much unlike a dog.  Better or worse? I do not know but I thank God that he made a dog.

There is a great video on You Tube that someone emailed me, please watch it.  This person captured the essence of a dog and the gifts we receive from them every day.  Watch this when you have time: And on the 9th Day, God Made a Dog. It is dead on to rights.

Izzy is a part of our lives like the dogs I have been blessed with before her.  All dogs do go to heaven and I hope one day Izzy is rewarded with a soft bed and plate full of chicken.


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