God is not a LAX-er

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The weather report for Saturday morning was sunny and temps should be warming up as the morning progressed. As I packed my bag, I received some odd looks from my husband. I was wearing a long sleeve shirt, a hoodie, a scarf and a coat. I had packed two blankets and my chair; some HOT coffee and an umbrella.

“Why are you bringing all that? It is going to be beautiful!”.  Oh, famous last words. Chip was off to the SEFCU Center for our daughter’s AAU Basketball Tournament….climate controlled of course.

I drove out to the fields and as I got closer, that sun disappeared, the wind started to blow and it was reading 48 degrees on my car display.  God is not a LAX-er.

Or maybe He is.  The field temp was perfect for the boys. Cool and breezy, just how they like it.  Thank goodness for a wonderful Lax-er Dad who made a coffee run to Stewart’s for a Box of Joe for all the parents. Saved my life….too bad the walk to the ladies room facilities took 5 minutes.  God may not be a LAX-er but he is definitely a MAN. (I spoke of my theory in an earlier blog)

I love lacrosse and I actually got a little teary watching my son play this time.  He looks like a man.  He is tentative a bit but once he feels that confidence kick it, score! One goal per game in the round robin. Not bad. His coach is the best and is the perfect match for Jack.  I think God works in mysterious ways, don’t you?

Like how all LAX moms scream like crazy at the boys. I spent the first 9 years of his life telling him to be nice and the last 3 years telling him to hit the other kid with his stick. I do pray to God that he stops leaving his ‘cup’ in my trunk, in the laundry room, on the staircase…really Jack?

A great sports weekend was had by all.  Amelia had 3 out of 4 wins in her climate controlled, sit in comfort tournament.  I got a nice, ‘this one’s for you Mom’ basket and a clean, non-aggressive foul or two. Good day.

Could it be that God does love LAX and bball? Perhaps, but it appears God is not a NY Knickerbocker. (or maybe He is after this 13 game losing streak was broken!)

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