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After almost two weeks of excessive pain, multiple doctor appointments and a serious regiment of pain killers,  Chip had surgery this morning on his spine, specifically, the “C-something” vertebrae in his neck.  The old degenerative pieces have been replaced with donor bones from the Bone Bank…who knew?  Someone donated their own, or a family member’s body to help others.  My husband is the lucky recipient today.  I thought about the person who used those bones in his/her life.  What did they do for a living?  Did they have  a big family? But the big question:  were they Italian? (hee-hee) I am thankful to that person–whomever and wherever they are now.  I hope good karma came your way.

Chip is at Albany Medical Center.  The people there are kind and caring, even the woman at the information booth who directed us to the surgical floor via the stairs since I am not an elevator fan. (sorry I appeared impatient)  They took care of Chip and as they wheeled him away from me to the operating room, they told me not to worry. I believed them. I was thankful for that comfort.

Dr. Cheney was spectacular.  He was soothing and confident and very direct in his process and expectations.  I felt comfortable and waited nervously for his post-op report.  He came to find me with a smile and warmth–I hugged him so tight and I am so thankful he has given me my crotchety old husband back!

My friends, the Zumba Ladies, my sister Amy and my mom; co workers and bosses.  I am so thankful to you all.  I cannot imagine being alone in life without the feeling and support of all of you.  Terri, thanks for spinning extra hard for me this morning.  Jen, you are the best partner to share coffee with and to the kind woman Barbara who’s husband John had his 2nd hip replacement today, thank you for making those 4 hours fly by.  Thank you for the conversation and life stories. I am thankful that I was able to spend that time with you.

All in all, I am thankful and with Thanksgiving coming next week and Christmas shortly there after, let’s take some time to be cognizant of our behavior and think a little before we beep that horn, or speak in that curt tone. Karma comes around and I don’t know about you, but I owe karma a little bit after today.

(Goodnight Chip)

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