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Wednesday night, a group of the Zumba Ladies ventured out to the Saratoga Racino and Vapor Night Club to see the Burners UK (BUK). The event was a fundraiser for a woman  named Erika with stage 4 pancreatic cancer.  She was watching the show from a laptop via Skype. Periodically the lead singer would ask everyone to say hello and the whole crowd would wave and hoot-n-holler to her.  I felt very sad for her and at the same time  I felt how very lucky I am to have my health and these crazy Zumba ladies I am dancing with.

It has been, no lie, a good 10 years since I had a girls nite out.  Things have changed since my college days at Muddy’s and Dappers when a beer was $.75 and mixed drink was $2.00.  My short skirts have been replaced with Capri pants.  I never was much for plunging necklines so that has not changed at all. Those lecherous guys are still out there, just a bit older yet still hanging on the outskirts of the dance floor looking for that right woman. (hee-hee)

Here are some thoughts and highlights from last night:

1. When the bouncer called me  ma’am he was being very polite.  He was also about 12 years old. (PS: he did not proof me.)

2. Thank you Gina for teaching me how to get the bartender’s attention.   I haven’t done that in 20 years. Perhaps her shirt, if you want to call it that, was too tight and being denied proper oxygen flow did not see me there waving that money.

4. “Super Freak” by Rick James is NOT AN OLDIE, and yes I do know all the words.

5. “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke DOES make 12 Zumba ladies break into dance in perfect synchronicity. (People wanted to be us, I know it.)

6. 10:00pm is my max.  The yawns began at 10:01.

7. My ears were still ringing at 11:30. By midnight I had to take 2 Advil. In the old days, I wouldn’t leave until last call and no Advil was needed. (Remember The Rafters Di?)

8.  I still don’t like beer spilled on me by sad, drunk groupie strangers who are exposing body parts that even a licensed physician should not see.

9. I do love girl time, I love dancing with the ladies and I still don’t care how apoplectic I look when I dance. It is fun and my fitbit said I took over 17.230 steps…cha-ching! Calorie burn.

So Zumba Ladies, thank you for humoring an old gal like me!  I was so happy to be a part of the group.  I do worry about you all when you go out and I am always here for you…when will we do it again?

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  1. Dolly Knight


    That was great, and for a great cause. Worth a little spilled beer 🙂


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