Free to spin….if you can get a sneaker on

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Oh so close but so far away.  I felt like Cinderella’s step sister Drizella trying to get that shoe to fit, any shoe, but no such luck. So sadly there will be no Prince of Spin coming to take me away at 5:30 tomorrow morning.

But that’s ok as the end is n sight.  I am walking better, the scar is smaller,  and the ache/pain is mostly gone.  When I saw the doctor this morning he was quite confident we have turned the corner.  When he said try putting on a shoe and walking,  I did warn him that is he gives me an inch, I will be running on the treadmill by dinner time.  Once again, did the shoe fit? Nope.

I have never been this inactive. Ever.  The weekend before I delivered Amelia I was at the YMCA working with a trainer.  I was caught in the leg press machine because I could not roll up or off my back.  I had to get pulled out. I finished the workout by walking a mile on the track, got a mani/pedi the next day and delivered that Monday…on the due date thank you very much.  I miss my routine and I have still been getting up at 5am.  Now I just sit with Izzy or steal an extra few squeezes from my cuddle bug.  This foot surgery has a 8-10 week life span and I have at best three more weeks.  You can do anything for three weeks, right? I need to remember that when those feelings of poor me creep in.

Good news, my push-ups are back in the saddle and I lost 3.5 pounds over these 6 weeks. Giving up chocolate for Lent certainly contributed to that process.  The need for an extra glass of wine certainly did not.

This month’s  New Year’s resolution was to just breathe.  I am sitting here with Izzy.  Izzy and perhaps most dogs get the whole just breathe mentality. She is mellow most days and I think her biggest anxiety stems from being alone.  Like most dogs, they cherish the human interaction.  I cherish my Izzy interaction and what that does for me.  A whoosh of exhale sums it all up.

To my morning spin family, the Zumba Ladies and heaven help me, body pumpers, I am almost there.  Don’t forget me and soon we will be together again, Clementine’s and all.


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