For once, I am speechless.

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Speechless? You may ask, “Are you ill?”  Or “Lost your voice?”  Nope, just shocked into silence.  For once, I didn’t know what to say.

Just yesterday I posted my new resolution for April. I  wrote about my efforts to slow down, just breathe and keep moving. Well it appears I have not been a good post-op patient and these new found skills are not doing spit-ola to help.  (Yes, spit-ola is a word.) Breathing is over-rated.

Yesterday, I called my doctor because my foot has been swelling. I noticed it Saturday after Zumba and again Monday morning after spinning. Notice I said spinning after Zumba. (I’m a little slow on the up-take.) I went to his office today and after examination and x-ray, he told me I had stress fractures in my foot. The surgery had healed beautifully but the foot is broken and I am back in the boot for three weeks.  He told me to stay off it. Right-O.

Negativity is not part of my makeup but I have to tell you, I am unhappy right now.  This is  not the worst thing.  It isn’t cancer or disease.  It isn’t life threatening although if I don’t get back to my workout routine, someone’s life my be threatened.

I asked myself, “What have you done?  Is it karma?”

My mother called tonight convinced I did this carrying her 11.2 pound free ham throughout Shoprite. Good old Italian guilt.  Next she asked if I did it making mac n’ cheese in the crock pot.  Nope.  Not that.

So here I sit with this boot.  Does anyone have any decorating skills?  Bed-dazzling tools or beading that we can dress up this boot?  I need some positive energy, a crystal, an intervention, anything.

Stay tuned. Even my trainer suggested that we wait until Tuesday to meet.  He said he would work my upper body and core. I can’t empty a pot of spaghetti without my arms shaking.  He has his work cut out for him.  Spin ‘doctors’ Meghan, Adrean and Michelle:  keep bike 95 for me, tell him I’ll be back soon and keep negative karma away from him. Only happy people.

Now help a girl out and post on this website some encouraging words.  Either that or I am going to Plane’s Bike shop and begging them to put a clip on the bottom of this boot for spinning. Spinning is staying off it…..right?


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1 Comment

  1. Carrie

    Here is something positive, I think. I am amazed by positive people like you. I have to work to be positive. You have a gift. You can look at this little set back in your whole life as an opportunity to keep writing more. I am not the least bit Italian, but I love your blog posts! They always make me laugh and stop to think about the important things in life. So keep on keepin’ on!


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