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This week I had an appointment with my gynecologist.  I know it sounds odd but I “love him” and his nurse.  They are the best and have helped me through some scary “female issues”.  On “that” September 11th, I was supposed to be at a meeting in NYC, downtown and the partner cancelled it and rescheduled until that Thursday.  So I was home when the planes hit those two beautiful buildings and killed all those people.  My gynecologist and his nurse called my house to see if I was OK and if I was home.  I’ll say no more.

So I was on my way to my appointment with three fresh donut peaches. If you have never had a donut peach, you are missing out.  They are sweet and juicy and smaller…..yummm. As I am driving I get a call that he had to cancel my appointment to deliver a baby. Oh well, that’s the way it goes with an OB/GYN.  So I have these peaches and it dawns on me that I feed everyone. Am I crazy? No, I am Italian!  I made a list:

1. I bring coffee and cannolis to my primary care Dr.
2. I make brownies for the guys in the Audi service department
3. I baked warm brownies for my local police department after they humored my panic call when my husband was away and I thought I heard a noise.
4. I made Italian Hummus for the wonderful Barista at Starbucks because he stopped my husband from ordering the wrong drink for me. (Yes, he knew how I liked my coffee).
5. I handed out ice cream sandwiches to the landscaper guys when it was 95 degrees.  I went in and laughed from my window to see these huge, burly guys eating ice cream sandwiches!

None of these include the goodies that I bake for people and parties and I love to do it. I am not mentioning this for any other reason except that I never thought about how much emphasis I place on food. Food heals. Well, good food heals. I have been so remiss in posting recipes.  I inherited my grandmother’s hand written cookbook.  I promise, I will post some within the month.  In the meantime, I added those sweet peaches to the one I had ear-marked for the wonderful girl, Dawn, at the eye doctor who fixed my glasses! I think I hear a lawnmower now. Maybe that iced tea is ready!

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