Fat Tuesday

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Today is Fat Tuesday. I have been a Catholic all my life. Sometimes practicing, sometimes not. I survived Catholic school until the 8th grade, 4 years of CCD and 4 more years of Catholic college. (Go Saints!) In my ever so humble opinion, I think today is the only today and the only topic that all Catholics can agree on: party now, for the next 40+ days you will go without something that you love more than life itself.
My kids don’t get it.  They do not revel in the idea of giving up something you absolutely LOVE and just counting down the days until you can once again partake.
My husband does not get it. He is Catholic by osmosis so perhaps that is why he does not  get the suffering thing…maybe because he is only ½ Italian and I have the full 100% guilt thing going on.
While I am on my soapbox, let’s set the record straight on two critical issues:
1.     YOU CANNOT CHEAT ON SUNDAY.  Period.  No reasons allowed and since no one gives up taking their medication or any other critical thing.
2.    DOING GOOD DEEDS IS NOBLE, BUT DOES NOT COUNT.  You need pain and suffering and all that Catholic stuff. Shouldn’t we do good deeds every day?
Now don’t get me wrong, I have strayed. 
ü  I tried giving up coffee once and literally inhaled ground coffee up my nose because I was inhaling that wonderful aroma so deeply…just to get a fix.  Broke that one.
ü  Gave up drinking one year on a bet.  No explanation needed I am sure you can identify with me.
ü  Tried to give up Sushi and got reamed by the take-out lady and asked why not give up pizza instead? Is she crazy?
So it is 11:47am and you know that I will be eating chocolate until I can no longer keep my eyes open tonight.  I give up chocolate…all chocolate and anything with chocolate in it. This year will be the first year I make an exception: Cliff Bars.  I cannot stomach any of the other flavors except the chocolate chip, how convenient.  I work out every day and I need that extra push of protein. Yes, that helps me sleep at night.
So Happy Fat Tuesday!  Get your ashes tomorrow and explain to 100 people why that is NOT dirt on your face.

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