Facebook: Friend or Foe?

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I say friend.

I hear people saying things about Facebook.  They say Facebook is overused. They say the world doesn’t need to know when you are eating, sleeping or performing some other bodily function.  Perhaps to some but I do not find that to be true.

I find that Facebook has:

  • told you why I love my husband.
  • given me bragging rights for my children’s athletic and academic accomplishments.
  • opened my reach with Amelia and Jack as parents and teachers post  images and video from their activities and interactions. I can view video of Jack rowing on the Mohawk that I might not otherwise see.
  • reunited me with my long lost cousins in NJ and I see my Uncle Don’s face in her children.
  • allowed me to keep up with distant friends.  What they are doing, their families, good news and bad news too.
  • afforded me an open forum to share why I love my pug Izzy and all the benefits and idiosyncrasies she has.
  • let me follow the generosity and caring of an old high school friend, Charlie, and the extraordinary things he does within my community. (Thank you)
  • motivated me with quotes and class reminders from the trainers and instructors at the gym.
  • let me shop in places I may not have known about, support causes that are important to me and donate to charities easily and quickly.
  • the ability to let me wish someone happy birthday at midnight so I hope when they wake up, they see it and smile.
  • wished people strength when they have lost a parent or family member, congratulations on a birth or marriage and get well with recovery from knee surgery.
  • allowed me to keep from Gina, once again, the true cause of my broken ribs….

Now all that being said, maybe you all feel differently?  Maybe you were not amused when I posted a picture of our toes in the hammock, or a dish I have recently cooked or my ranting from this very blog.   I have to say though that I love posting a picture and waiting for the comments and likes to roll in.  Does that make me crazy?  I feel connected and I smile when I hear from old high school or college friends. Putting a picture out there opens you up for comments.  I think it’s actually brave.  I admire the people who have cancer or who are struggling with some issue and post a picture or status and open themselves up for conversation. Even the political, religious and social issues posted allow people the right and free speech allows them to do so.  Isn’t that what makes us great as a nation?

While on vacation recently, I have posted  a few pictures and thoughts and I appreciated all the comments and likes.  The picture of Chip and his cousin Matt sparked some great comments and Chip and I laughed as we read them together.  Izzy is always a good subject as are Amelia and Jack.

I guess try to look at this age of Facebook, Twitter and social media as one big conversation…a conversation you can join, abstain or silently watch from the cheap seats.  I have done all of the above. Just be kind to each other and value the differences we all have.  I have learned one thing repeatedly over the years.  You don’t know what goes on in someone’s heart, mind, soul and home. Not all you see on Facebook defines us, it’s just a look-see and 5 second glimpse.

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1 Comment

  1. Dolly Knight

    As always that was great. It surely is a different way to look at Facebook, rather than just a “who cares” social media tool.
    as always thanks for the enjoyable read…. and you have peaked my curiosity on the broken ribs 🙂



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