Everything is temporary.

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There is a scene from my favorite movie, Moonstruck, where Loretta, played by Cher and her father, Cosmo, played by Vincent Gardenia are discussing Loretta’s recent engagement.  He is questioning the ‘ring’.  She tells him it is temporary and he replies, “Everything is temporary”. (Click here to watch the clip.) It is hilarious.

Like so many of us, I am dealing with a few stressful situations.  Numerous friends and family members are feeling the same way.  As I was in spin class this week, ardently climbing a hill, my mind wandered, sorry Alisha, and I almost laughed as the thought came to me that this is temporary; everything is temporary.

While the burn in my glutes was temporary, so, thank God, are so many other painful experiences.  Don’t get me wrong, some we wish were temporary but may be around a lot longer than we like. Let’s not concentrate on the bad. How about we enjoy the temporary and look for the good?

Have you ever watched the sun set in a tropical location?  It sets so fast and so beautifully. At that moment, the sun is temporary.  The memory is permanent.

Have you ever listened in on your young children talking and laughing?  Those little voices and infectious laughs.  That phase only lasts for so long but the memory is forever.

What about a great bottle of wine? Opus One.  I will say no more.  It was spectacular, warm and full bodied.  Chip and I had a bottle over 20 years ago and that smell and taste, although short lived, are still right there in my mind when I think of it.

Izzy.  Izzy is here with us for such a fleeting time.  She gives 100% of her love all day and night, nothing is temporary there.  Is her time here temporary?  Perhaps. Enjoy your furry friends ‘temporary time’ here to the fullest because losing them and the pain from that loss is certainly not temporary.

The bottom line here is that most things, good and bad are temporary. We rush to end the things that are temporary in a bad way and sometimes aren’t smart enough to savor the experiences, people and things that are temporary and enjoyable in a good way.

I am going to try to be more cognizant of this fact.  If you see me looking like I’m adrift and not present, I am just relishing the temporary.

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