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We have a gold fish tank with a multitude of odd characters. As you know, we are an Italian family so it is only fitting to have Italian names for our fish.  The three goldfish names are, and I am not lying, Fat Clemenza, Tessio and Tony Soprano.  The beta fish is Luca Brasi and the bottom feeder is whatever we name him at the time, Don Fanucci, Sonny or Fredo.  We have had some mysterious deaths and we usually blame it on Luca the Beta fish or perhaps the weather. (Get it, sleeps with the fishes?) Yes, I think these fish are seriously depressed, as are we.  Maybe they are just giving up or getting stir crazy and turning on each other. Since more snow is due in the Northeast tonight, I am unsure what I will find in that tank tomorrow morning.
These last few spring snow storms make me feel like I am living in a scene from a movie.  Suburban neighborhood; parents coming home from work and kids wearing their PJ’s inside out and backwards for a snow day tomorrow. Tonight we were all out walking our dogs, “one last time” as my neighbor put it, “before the snow comes”.  Really? Like we haven’t lived through it before?  All the dads are dragging the basketball hoops back into the garages and the moms making that trip to the Co-Op Market for milk and goodies. (The old timers are the worst, they get there first!)  Hunker down and wait.
So the fish and I will hang out tonight.  My daughter and I thought we’d make some popcorn and watch The Big Bang Theory.  The boys are at basketball.
All and all, the snow comes and goes and sometimes it gives you an excuse to do nothing, make a fire and relax.  Oh yeah, no chocolate brownies for me tonight.  How many days left in Lent?..…you know what, I am beginning to forget. Imagine that.

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  1. Larry Eiss

    Thanks for the morning smile!


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