End the month with a Bang!

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Last month on my countdown to 50 I vowed to eat better and healthier.  I did, all month, until the bitter end. Yesterday, on the very last day of the month I completed my 4th 3-hour Zumba-thon. My trusty Body Bugg told me that I burned 3369 calories and took 22,337 steps for the day. SUper I said and during that that final push, I was dreaming of lunch. My Zumba ladies and I promptly went to Applebees to “spend” that surplus calorie burn on a Blue Moon ice cold beer and a Fried Green Tomato Turkey Club (with fries).  No regrets.

I do find it amusing that as I have aged my pre-work out habits have changed too.  I used to start an event like this with a big breakfast and coffee.  Now I still have the coffee but slug it with two Advil.  (Thank you Joanne for bringing it to the Zumba-thon.) Amazingly I was not sore or tired; I was quite energized when I got home. I had every intention of going to class today but as the ladies say, “I hate when life gets in the way of Zumba”…. Laundry, supermarket shopping and homework projects. Time walking Izzy with the kids…priceless.

We went to get Jack LAX gear this afternoon and the cost of shoulder pads and a helmet almost put me into cardiac arrest. I had to go to a Starbuck’s for a fix to calm my nerves.  For a fleeting moment I thought, does he really need a helmet that costs literally more than my first car?  It’s his head for God’s sake….OK I bought the good one, relax.

It’s April Fool’s Day and it appears I escaped any pranks.  To be sure, I avoided all danger areas:  my mother’s house, my bathroom scale and all full-length mirrors in my house.  April Fool’s Day or not, it’s scary stuff. I dress without my glasses on becasue I look better that way! Last month was a challenge to eat better. It’s the picking that gets me in trouble. I work from home and the stress sometimes gets to me. When the phone rings, it’s like Pavlov’s Dogs: phone ringing= snacking. WRONG. I have chewed so much gum my jaws hurt. Now I have TMJ but my snacking has declined. What a deal. My dentist will love me for that.

Now I am enjoying a glass of wine sitting with the kids watching Hop. (the movie, very cute) I made some lovely linguine with fresh tomatoes and low fat ricotta cheese. Yummy.  There’s some angel food cake and strawberries on deck.  I would rather eat the cheesecake my husband is saving. Not a problem…if I can burn more than the 2195 calories I burned today before the clocks strikes 12, that baby would be mine!

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