Eat the Doughnut

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 Nothing beats a cup of good coffee and a friend, or two.  On Friday morning, I shared a cup of coffee and a lovely egg white omelet with my sister Amy and a wonderful friend, Cynthia.  Amy and I see Cyn once or two a year so we spent the first 20 minutes catching each other up on what’s been going on.  I would love to know who is telling Washington and the media that life is getting better in this country because it did not appear so at this little table. (nor did it sound that way with the other conversations around us)  Many of us share the same concerns, rising taxes, looming college expenses and for some, retirement.  My friend was telling us about the things in her life when my sister just blurts out “eat the doughnut”.  We looked at her like she had two heads, “what do you mean, eat the doughnut?”
She explained that life is short and you never know what’s coming so if you want to eat a doughnut, eat it; if you buy a new sweater, don’t save it, wear it; and if there is something you have always wanted to do (within reason), then do it.  She went on to say that the people on 9/11 could not have known that day was going to be what it turned out to be.  They were good, hard working people with families and jobs, and lives and they died.  So eat the doughnut.
My sister has struggled with pain and injury with her knee.  She has had too many surgeries to count and is finally off crutches after a decade. The purpose of our trip yesterday was to see her doctor and the news was mediocre.  My sister is tough and can handle anything but this was disappointing and my heart broke for her.
So now I am a convert.  I wear my BodyMedia armband when I work out and I eat right and take my vitamins but so help me God, I am eating that doughnut and if it was not a week out from the end of Lent, I would find a perfectly innocent chocolate bunny and have my way with it.
Amy, I hope you write your book, “Eat the Doughnut” because you have a lot of experience and wisdom to share with us all. Now excuse me while I look for a doughnut.

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1 Comment

  1. Larry Eiss

    What a beautiful word picture, ” if it was not a week out from the end of Lent, I would find a perfectly innocent chocolate bunny and have my way with it.”

    You’re getting more interesting all the time!


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