Don’t Zumba and Drive

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On Monday, I set off on the 2-hour drive to my rendezvous point in Newburgh.  I meet a colleague there and we make the trek down the Taconic or heaven forbid, over the Tappanzee to our offices in White Plains.  That 2-hour drive to Newburgh can be tedious and quite boring without good music.  I do have some fun with “Fredrick”, my husband’s car. It is a bit faster than my SUV and definitely more fun.

This time I thought rather than channel surf, I would bring my iPod.  I have a wide variety on that iPod from Frank Sinatra to LMFAO.  I have three Zumba playlists so what the heck…..

I cranked that radio up and those two hours flew by like the wind.  I was moving, crunching, salsa-ing and the easier single-single-double.  When I got home and plugged in my BodyBugg, it showed that in those 4 hours, I burned, no lie, 2140 calories and took 12,085 steps.  Do you beleive that?

I wonder what I would have done if I got pulled over?  If a Trooper followed me, head bobbing, arms moving and singing at the top of my lungs, would he have hauled out the breatholizer right there at 6:25 am? (Thank God I don’t drive stick)

Let me tell you, you can dance and drive……but use cruise control. It makes the salsa easier to do.

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