Don’t wait until they’re gone.

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Last week we lost another classmate.  I graduated in 1980 from what was then Linton High School. Sadly, we have lost quite a few over the years.  Sitting here in my mid-50’s, I find it shocking.  In a time when medicine and technology let us think we can live to the great age of 100, losing classmates at this point seems unbelievable, unfair and sad.

Some were so young, so vibrant and active.  Some in the peak of life. We lost pilots, blue collar, white collar, grandparents and sons & daughters. Death seems to have no rhyme or reason.  He just comes without warning, compassion or discretionary thought.

But, in a way, we can actually do something about this.  We can call an old friend, visit someone you haven’t seen or just shoot them a Facebook HELLO or text them.  In the old days I had to lay on the kitchen floor stretching the phone cord as far away from prying ears as I could.  Privacy to just say hello took a little more work.

Today, there are no excuses. Don’t wait until cancer takes your friend or you receive that phone call that breaks your heart. Facebook is wonderful, and it keeps us linked and ‘in touch’ but remember, a touch is a touch is a touch…

Class of 1980, we will soon be coming up on a reunion milestone.  Please, let’s make an extra effort to see each other and get together to hug an old boyfriend, high five a varsity teammate and tell great and happy stories of those we loved and lost.  I still smile Joe, when I hear our junior prom theme on the radio, or when I wear my tennis team jacket (yes, I still have it). I miss Fireside Pizza and Mohawk Mall but that’s just logistics. I can toast with a beer just about anywhere and a cup of hot coffee from a local diner is sheer perfection!

Three years ago, I wrote a blog called, “Don’t wait till the funeral to bring the lasagna.”  Thanks to my friend and classmate Charlie for the idea, so take a read.  I think you’ll like it.

Debbie, you join the heavenly ranks of some wonderful classmates that left us, like you, too early.  Tell them hello from all of us and shout out a big Go Blue Devils!

We will hear you.

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  1. Joe Formosa

    Nancy – Thanks. Just this week-end, I met a guy who went to Mont Pleasant. So we got into a friendly chant of KILL THE HILL versus STOMP THE SWAMP.
    I agree – can’t put off till tomorrow what you want to do or say today. Thanks for sharing – hope you’re doing well.


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