Don’t Try – Just Do It

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That was the phrase I heard at about 5:45 this morning from my Spin instructor.  She is the queen of one-liners.  “If you wanted easy, you would have stayed in bed.” Some days that thought crosses my mind. She is tiny but mighty and like many of the instructors at Best Fitness, she is strong and supportive and encouraging.  Her experiences and her t-shirts tell a story of personal gains and wins from marathons and races.

But this particular phrase really made me think.  Everyone says to try. Isn’t it implied, that you would try? This rings so true to me especially this week .  My children are in the middle of finals and Regents exams.  They are studying and putting in the time but are they scared to death like I was? Nope. Is the fear of a bad grade keeping them up at night? Not a chance. Do they wear lucky jeans or God forbid bring a rosary for moral support? Why would you need that when a cell phone has Snapchat and Instagram so you can share your post-exam thoughts and feelings real time. They think they are just doing it.

But I am stressed over their finals.  I am saying the rosary and I am praying that I will someday all of this stress and worry will get me that condo in Hilton Head when these kids are stable and functioning members of the medical community. My that time, I may have all new body parts and joints and I could be a super spinner!

So as I worked hard this morning at Spin and I dug down to find that extra bit of strength a small miracle happened.  I felt a tiny drop of sweat hit my thigh and on the floor, I found two more.  Success. It was more than a try, I just did it.

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