Do you know what makes you happy?

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Last weekend I was sitting on the outdoor patio at Lakeside Farm. This farm is a perfect combination of local farm stand with a country store, wonderful people, and a topnotch breakfast. Chip and I like to sit outside as long as we can, weather permitting.

As I was sitting there waiting for Chip just breathing in the aroma of fresh tomatoes, peaches, and apples, I over heard a grandpa and his young grandson. They were commenting on the very produce I was also reveling in. Then the grandpa asked this little boy a question:

“What makes you happy?”

The grandson quickly answered, “Fishing all by myself. What makes you happy pop-pop?”

The grandpa answered, “Helping people.”

The little boy said nothing for a moment and I waited and listened for a reply. No words needed to be said between them. They just got it and I was so lucky to have been a witness to this. It wasn’t about things or places. It was about a state of mind. That little boy did not hesitate when he answered, and I could see him sitting on a bank with his line out and a smile on his face.

We could all come up with an answer to what makes us happy. Yet, outside of the usual responses of family, friends, and pugs- what would you say?

Quick- first thing, gut reaction. Hmm, did you hesitate? Did an image come to mind of a recent situation or of a long-ago memory that will always make you happy?

My mind is usually clouded with Italian mother fears for my children away at college. Are they safe, happy, and doing ok? No abductions, hurricanes, blizzards or freak situations. (No dating a non-Italian) More importantly, are they eating? (wink-wink)

Coffee brings clarity, wine feeds melancholy but both help me smile and laugh when my mind can relax and is triggered by a smell or sight.

Think about what makes you happy. Could it be the sound of your baby on the monitor sleeping peacefully or the snoring of a pug puppy? Food and wine can be joyous especially when shared with loved ones whether in a local wine bar bistro or under a tent at the New York State Fair. Do NOT knock a sausage and pepper sandwich from the State Fair until you’ve tried it.

But one thing I know for sure, sorry Alisha, burpees do not make me happy.

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  1. Izzy’ Uncle

    You have no idea how this rings true. Peace.


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