Ding-Dong, Ding-Dong

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What a few weeks this has been!  Most months are like that for the majority of us.  How lucky are we? Some days are better than others but on the whole, it’s pretty good. As my previous posts have eluded, there have been a few challenges recently and I am sure there will be more but I think that means you’re alive doesn’t it? Well I think I have a few angels looking over me and when I need it, they send the twins:  Tommy and Sam (Samers).

Tommy and Sam moved in down the street when they were just two years old.  They are adorable and intelligent and super smart. Amelia and I went and introduced ourselves to the family when they moved in and it’s been magic ever since. (I hope they feel the same way.) They are now five years old and nothing has changed. They make me laugh out loud.

Somewhere mid-morning or late afternoon, I hear the doorbell, “ding-dong, ding-dong, ding-dong”.  I am working and stressed and I hear that sound and I smile. I open the door and in they walk, helmets on, glasses askew and chocolate smiles.  One more active than the other; one move pensive and deep.

They say, “Hello Meala’s mom, do you have any chocolate?” They can’t say Amelia so they call her Meala. I tell them to come in and let me look around.  I find some Hershey bars or kisses and they instantly and shamelessly open and devour it.  Love it.

Don’t you wish you could be that open and honest?  Imagine going to your neighbor and saying, “Hello, do you have a glass of Merlot?”; or going to work , walking into the boss’ office and saying, “Good morning, I need a raise.  Do you have a spare $5k?”

Better yet, think about the things you wish you could say out loud that would or could make someone laugh and feel good like Tommy and Samers do for me?

When do humans add a filter and what would it be like without one?  Quite possibly it could be dangerous, I can tell you that. I have often thought we should have National Speak Your Mind Day when you could be open and honest without retribution.  How would that work? Ooo, could be anarchy.

So I will continue to enjoy these two little gifts that my angels send me now and then and wait for he doorbell ring to ring tomorrow.



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