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I am not sure that is even a real word but I heard it this week and not in a good context. As you may remember, I had knee surgery on July 5th to correct a problem with my meniscus and patella tendon. It has been really slow to get back and I miss Zumba and my other gym classes. It’s more than just the class, it’s friendships and camaraderie, the music and moving and laughing at myself.  I really miss it.

I have been in physical therapy now for a few weeks and as we have progressed, I have been informed that maybe the knees are degenerating. What? and more importantly why?  Why my knees? Why not my butt? why can’t that get smaller and weaker.  What about those flabby upper Italian-Grandma arms, nooooo that’s too easy. I have also been informed that all these muscles link together: the quads, the hamstring, the glutes, the abs and the lower back.  How do I get 6-pack abs from what I basically have is a 2-liter bottle…sideways! I’m not sure right now that I could CARRY a 6-pack down a flight of stairs.

I will keep working at it like some old has-been Zumba fitness chic who sits on the porch with fond memories of Pit Bull. (but enough of my pity party for today) I will grab those resistance bands, the fitness ball and the two 2-pound weights and retreat to the basement for some PT. Just remember before you laugh too loud, that last salsa step or 5K run could make you next so do those crunches and listen to your body.  It’s the only one you’ve got, imperfections and all! 

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