Dear Santa, Love Mom (2020)

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Santa symbolizes all that good in the world. The magic in the thought that there may be such a being comforts me with childhood Christmas memories. (Back in the 1970s, I wished for straight hair for Christmas.)

It’s been slightly over two years since I wrote a letter to Santa and 2020 and left us all searching for some Christmas magic, so here goes.

Italian stories

A letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

How are you? I hope you and the elves have been safe and healthy this year. It sure has been a challenging one! I have been a good mom, wife, friend, and colleague this year, and I hope you will agree. Here is my Christmas wish list this year:

  • Some things don’t change Santa. I still wish for Jack to pay more attention and to please call me more often. Otherwise, I may have to make him watch the movie Taken one more time!
  • I wish for a map of the Wegman’s on Calkin Ave in Rochester. Amelia could use a map. It may save her from calling me 100 times and saying, “Mom, I have a question. Where do I find……” (Truth be told, I love when she calls.)
  • I wish for better memory for Chip. Chip is my ‘scarecrow,’ and for someone who knows his way around a spreadsheet and runs multiple businesses successfully, his brain is MIA when it comes to picking up more than one thing at the Coop.
  • I need my heart to heal over the loss of our dear Izzy. Santa, I am not sure you can help with this unless you bundle up a puppy and place her under my tree.
  • Izzy has her place in her version of Heaven- a warm, soft bed, lots of chicken, and no rabbits or squirrels. For that, I thank you and God.
  • Prosecco, coffee, cheese, and a cannoli from Civitello’s. Quantities at your discretion.
  • Santa, please bring more wine to my squad. I wish everyone could have a squad. Women Who Wine- I love you, and every night, I thank the stars above that I have you.
  • Not sure how many elves you have educated, but I wish for some serious beanos for tuition. The University of Alabama did us right and did not raise tuition. I cannot say the same for RIT. (we’re almost done!)
  • I wish for my mother that the Pittsburgh Steelers would win the Superbowl. The Terry Bradshaw jersey she hangs in her front window should bring them good luck.
  • That being said, it would be nice for those of us that are Buffalo Bills fan to reach the pinnacle and win the Superbowl.
  • Santa, can I get a Roll Tide for Alabama to win it all this year?
  • I wish for Skates to get back on the ice and enjoy what makes him happy, other than Amelia, of course.
  • Gus, welcome to our family. I hope Santa brings you health, happiness, and patience for dealing with Jack. ?
  • Santa, you, and I may need a little exercise after some Italian holiday eating, so maybe a Peloton and TRX are in my future?
  • I wish for more time, and that is something you cannot bring me, Santa. So instead, I wish for happy times with family and friends as we navigate through pandemic life.

Merry Christmas, Santa, and hugs to you and Mrs. Clause. I wish you both good health, happiness, and whatever is on your wish list for 2021. Happy New Year!


Merry Christmas

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