Countdown to Bama

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Jack, my “baby” will be attending the University of Alabama in 23 days, 11 hours, and 30 minutes (as of the writing of this post). I am now referring to that day as Black Thursday.

Yes, I know, I went through this with Amelia three years ago but here are a few of the differentiating factors:

  1. Amelia is a girl. (need I say more?)
  2. Rochester is 3 hours and 20 minutes (215.1 miles) away from home and Tuscaloosa is 17 hours and 13 minutes (1,153.3 miles) away from home.
  3. Uh, did I mention Amelia is a girl and was more organized and prepared to live away from home. Jack seems to be thrilled that the Pita Pit is accessible via his meal plan more than worrying about the actual meal plan itself.

Now fear and panic are beginning to set in. The spare room in my home is now Alabama Central and is hosting packing bags, luggage, lists, and various supplies from Tums to gel mattress toppers. (Thanks to my Bamaly for the heads up on that mattress topper-saved some serious beanos!)

I am arguably the most organized person I know and since I love lists, check this out:

  • Joined various Facebook parent pages and am a proud member of the UA Bamaly? CHECK
  • Hotel and rent-a-car booked for the drive to AL? CHECK.
  • Order an Atlas and the AAA maps and guidebooks? CHECK.
  • Checked on insurance for loss of laptops or damage to equipment? CHECK.
  • Called family attorney for Power of Attorney and Health Care Proxy? CHECK.
  • Opened account with Alabama Credit Union on campus? CHECK.
  • Signed up for Tide Laundry Service, compliments of my Italian mother who God forbid has her grandson do laundry? CHECK. (PS Amelia does laundry) (PPS I can track his laundry remotely to be sure he is actually doing the laundry)
  • New laptop and upgrade his iPhone? CHIP LIST- oh, I will add this to my list since the CHIP list is sketchy at best.
  • Annual physical and teeth cleaning? CHECK
  • Installed a tracking device on Jack, his backpack, and his laptop as well as contacting ‘resources’ to insure his safety? NOT DIVULGING AT THIS TIME.

Chip and I are already feeling the effects of this soon to be empty nest. Our groceries now fit into 2 reusable bags and our family dinners, have morphed into a romantic dinner for two. The house is quieter, and Izzy has become the center of attention. Matter-of-fact, we just upgraded her leash and harness to a spankin’ purple number and went all out with some new treats and food. She is a Pug.

The days are flying by and night sweats and dreams brought on by the thoughts of my fleeing college kid rivals the worst menopausal night sweats ever. I am on a first name basis with the liquor store owner and my Weight Watchers coach has her work cut out for her to insure I keep these 19.8 pounds off.

Its all good. It’s ok that my children are leaving me (guilt, guilt) and in my Italian head the fear of distance and becoming obsolete are somewhat debilitating. My baking is worse than ever. That last batch of cupcakes while beautiful to the eye, were dreadful to the taste buds and I am so distracted that it is a wonder I make it home from the gym in one piece.

But Jack, you are going to do remarkable things and I am immensely proud of the man you have become. Just remember your mother…first and know that I will always have pancakes and bacon ready for you when you get home.

Stay tuned as we countdown.

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  1. Gina Sloan

    My son, Josh will be attending Bama. We’re from Kentucky and it seems so far away. He is so laid back; he hasn’t begun to think of what to pack.

    • Gina Sloan

      Please delete Josh’s dorm from my comment. Probably too much info for internet.

      • Karen

        I will but I think it’s ok. Thanks for the comment.

  2. Monique

    My daughter is heading to Tuscaloosa as well. We are a bit closer in Baton Rouge but the Italian momma in me is freaking out a bit too! She laughs and videos me every time I start to cry. ??‍♀️


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