Conversations from the dock.

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6:08 am this morning. Setting: me on the dock with a cup of coffee; fisherman slowly trawling by, lines out, waiting for a bite.

Me:  “Hey, are you bringing me dinner?”

Fishermen: “Sure if that’s what you want!”

And for the next 17 minutes or so, a conversation continued in simple one or two word sentences with me sipping coffee on the dock and the fisherman continuing to look for bass.

Fisherman: “Do you fish?”

Me:  ” Nope.  Can’t be quiet that long.”

Fisherman: “You don’t need to be quiet when you fish, only when you hunt!  Who told you that?”

Me:  “My dad.”

Fisherman (belly laughing): ” I don’t think that had anything to do with fishing!”

As their boat slowly and quietly floated by, the only sound being our soft conversation and the wiz of the reel as he wound the line back in.  We talked about Skaneateles Lake and the history here.  He told me the type of fish he caught and how great it tastes fresh from the clean water.

Me:  “Where are you from?”

Fisherman: “Pennsylvania, you?”

Me:  “Niskayuna, NY”

Fisherman: “Where?”

Me (laughing): “Never mind!”

I said I wished I had more coffee to offer them, yes, there are two fisherman but one is adhering to the no talking while fishing rule.  He told me had some on board and shared a story about a couple farther north on the lake who invited them onto their dock last week for coffee and breakfast. He continued on and shared the experience he had that summer morning.  Exceptional.

Usually it’s me and Chip up early with a French Press full of strong coffee and some fresh muffins. Izzy, my Pug, has not been sleeping well at the Lake and was up early so Chip slept in a bit leaving me to ponder and think on the dock as the sun rose. I think I am a friendly person yet I am not usually open for conversation on the dock.  That is when you find your chi, your zen or whatever you call it. Even to me, this conversation struck me as interesting especially since I NEVER spoke to people on a plane. When a stranger would ask what I did for a living, I would say FBI and that intrigued them more sparking even more conversation.  I shared that story with my old boss Bob and he said to tell them IRS.  That did it, no more conversations…except for the Marlboro Man. I was ready to move to Texas!

Me: “Safe travels and happy fishing.”

Fisherman: “Enjoy your coffee young lady and enjoy the rest of the sunrise.”

Me (Smiling over a steamy cup ‘o Joe): silence……



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