Coffee, next to Garlic, is nectar of the Gods.

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It is a Sunday morning and I am awake. The entire house is sleeping and I can hear my pug Izzy snoring two floors down.  I love this time of day when I can think, read or do some work. In this case, it is just fun.  I set the alarm on the coffee pot each night and the sound of it completing its cycle wakes me……not to mention the beautiful smell of coffee.

My kids are the wonderful results of a fertility doctor in Stamford, CT.  He was, and is, the most remarkable giving man who spends literally every waking moment helping people become a family. Anyway, when my husband and I were working with him, he explained the dangers of a high risk pregnancy and how to mitigate the risk and you know that my friend coffee came up. So, I went cold turkey.  When I had my daughter, the very first thing I said was, ” please get me a large cup of coffee”. It never tasted so good!

I had a colonoscopy  three years ago and was petrified. I was not sure what to expect and how the procedure would go.  The doctor asked what she could do for me and after 36 hours of running to the bathroom and eating and drinking nothing, of course, I asked for coffee.  When I came out of the post-surgical cloud, I smelled coffee.

Now I know this sounds weird but I love my dentist. He is a super nice guy and a wonderful dentist.  When I first starting going to him he was alive and bubbly and funny. Once day I went for an appointment and he was not right, I knew it.  I sat in the chair and he began to work. I could not hold back. I said “Greg, you are not going to work on me today, we are going for pancakes, NOW.”  He told me he could not possibly leave, he had patients.  I told him I AM THE PATIENT for the next 90 minutes so we are going out for coffee and pancakes, and we did.  Come to find out he was having trouble at home and it broke my heart to listen to him, but I think my friend coffee helped us through.

I have had coffee from all over the world: Kona coffee in Hawaii will make you shake like a wet dog; Vietnamese coffee needed that sweetened condensed milk to make it oh so good and nothing in the world beats Italian coffee, hot and strong and with a rind of lemon.

So I think you can follow my recurring theme of coffee in my life and as I sit here typing, I have my trusty cup right next to me.  I am off to Zumba ready to work because that coffee should kick in by the time I get to the gym!

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  1. Larry Eiss

    I love Starbucks. We drink it at home every day. I take it in my thermal flask on the train to NY. In Penn Station I learned to love Seattle’s Best as well. Good coffee is a wonderful thing. Ive been pleased to note lately that fast-food chains are beginning to server premium coffees like these. McDonald’s has Newman’s Own, Burger King serves Seattle’s Best–as does Subway! Then of course, there’s Dunkin’ Donuts. Some folks are fans of their brew, but I don’t happen to be one of them.

    Great post. Best wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving, my friend.


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