Christmas-a-holic or losing my marbles?

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This is a busy time of year.  The span between Thanksgiving and Christmas seems shorter every year. The kitchen is finally done, Amelia is moving  final exam week and Jack has the Holly Ball and rowing. Chip’s office party is tonight and I do have those gifts ready to go.

In my house, it takes weeks to decorate for Christmas. we have three real trees and 8 artificial trees.  I am half way there.  The Nutcrackers are displayed, the stocking are hung but my list is still long. I think I am starting to slip. Coffee consumption is at an all time high as is Prosecco. I need to hide the holiday chocolate. I just ate about 20 chocolate covered almonds because I have been shopping, without food,  since 8am. (it’s now 4:30pm). The crowd parted in Barnes & Noble as I weaved my way through. I must have looked deranged.

Yesterday I went to pick up the dry cleaning and saw an unusual item hanging in the bag.  I thought it looked somewhat familiar but not necessarily in the dry cleaning clothes. I opened the bag and it was my nightgown…a Victoria’s Secret night shirt, now perfectly pressed like an oxford shirt one would wear with a suit to court.  Oh. My. God. They must think I am crazy: $9.40 to press your PJ’s?

Then I made a lovely butternut squash soup with shrimp and must have mistaken pepper for salt.  Spicy isn’t even close to describing it.  Beautiful to view, tough on reflux!

I wore my slippers to the supermarket and paid my MasterCard bill twice. (Thank goodness I caught that).  What’s next? I would say curlers in my hair at the gym but we all know I straighten the beejeezus out of hair. Although I did wear the wrong underwear to spin. (yes, there are specific bloomies for the gym). Gentlemen, you don’t understand.

Finally I diverted from the plan and did not email myself with the hiding locations of some gifts and they are now lost somewhere in the house. Good grief. Oh well, last time this happened I gave them to the kids for July 4th!

Merry Christmas one and all.  Keep good spirits, a sense of humor and warm hearts.

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