Cheese Heals- Wegmans Sweet 16 and Professor Brie Cave Cheese

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Amelia and Nick, aka Skates, met me at Wegmans in Dewitt, NY, before meeting up with Jack and his friends at Twin Trees Too in Solvay, NY. Chip and I loved to go to Wegmans, and we basked in the selection of cheeses. We would talk about what we would make with them or how many we wanted to get for that night’s charcuterie board.  He would pick the stinkiest cheeses, and I would make my choice based on look and name. I still cannot cook, but I can certainly cut a slice of cheese and some Castelvetrano olives and prosciutto.

I was happy Amelia and Nick were with me to keep my tears at bay.  It was harder than I thought it would be. The ‘cheese ladies’ were so kind and knowledgeable. I don’t think they knew why I was crying- perhaps at the joy of cheese?

Wegmans Cave Cheese

sweet 16 cheese

Wegmans takes cheese seriously, which shows in their cave cheese selections. “Everything’s a dream here,” says Mathieu Callol, our new Cheese Cave affineur (that’s a French term for those who lead cheese to its peak of perfection). “I’m very excited to work for Wegmans because they care about their people, their customers, their suppliers, and their products.”

Born in Dijon, France, Mathieu obtained a Master’s degree in dairy production and biotechnology from one of France’s most prestigious institutions. He spent several years honing his craft both as a research and development project manager and technician for renowned European cheese-making operations. His great connections with these important manufacturers will mean new sources of incredible cheeses for Wegmans.

Mathieu brings a unique combination of extensive training, years of experience, a love of innovation, and a French-born culinary passion to our Cheese Caves. “I want to use my expertise to help our team create distinctive new cheeses for Wegmans customers,” Mathieu says. “The wonderful part of cheese is that it is a never-ending discovery!”

And this is a supermarket!!! Are you kidding? (See why it is worth a 2-hour and 5-minute drive?)

Cave Ripened Sweet 16 Goat Cheese

Wegmans sweet 16 cave ripened cheese

Wegmans website says, “We’ve taken our award-winning 1916 cheese and layered it in orange flavor, made from freshly squeezed oranges. The result is delicate, velvety with a sweet, subtle citrus brightness.”

  • Milk Type: Goat
  • Origin: USA
  • Calories: 100 Calories in one ounce, 8g Fat, and only one carb
  • My notes: The Sweet 16 did not disappoint. The outer layer was slightly harder but gave way to the smooth center divided by a layer of somewhat sweet orange-ness. There is no other way to say it; it was there, but not there—a must-try for all.

Cave Ripened Professor’s Brie Cheese

Cave Ripened Professor’s Brie Cheese

Wegmans touts Professor’s Brie as “Our most awarded Wegmans Cave Ripened Cheese! This rich, brie-style cheese has a lush, dense texture and lingering mushroom notes, with a touch of pepper from the rind. The cheese is made by our partner Old Chatham Creamery (Finger Lakes Region, NY State), using 1/3 Cow’s Milk, 1/3 Cow’s Milk Cream, and 1/3 Sheep Milk. It is then aged to perfection in Wegmans Cheese Caves in Rochester, NY. 2022: Silver Medal World Championship Cheese Contest (Wisconsin). 2019: American Cheese Society Awards 2nd BEST IN SHOW. 2019: American Cheese Society Awards Gold Medal. 2019: Bronze Medal World Cheese Awards (Bergamo, Italy). 2018: American Cheese Society Awards Gold Medal.

The cheese is named in honor of David Galton, retired Cornell professor and co-owner of Old Chatham Sheepherding Company, where this delicious cheese is crafted from sheep and cow’s milk just for us.”

  • Milk Type: Pasteurized Cow’s & Sheep’s Milk
  • Origin: USA
  • Calories: 110 Calories in one ounce, 11g of Fat, and two carbs
  • My notes: what a smooth ode to cheese perfection! The taste is buttery with a mushroomy scent and flavor. It is vibrant and needs nothing but a water cracker to accompany it.

Cheese can save a soul, well, kind of.

I have loved cheese all my life.  I would grate the bricks or parmigiana and Romano or Locatelli into hills, and when she wasn’t looking, I would swipe a handful. I am trying to return to things that may bring some joy, and cheese is one of them.  I raise my glass and toast Chip. Even though he is not beside me, he is with me.

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