Cheese Heals Like you read about- Murray’s Pecorino Tartufello

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Pecorino Tartufello is an effort to right my now upside-down universe, I needed to return to cheese.  Chip and I made phenomenal charcuterie boards on the weekends, and while I am not ready for a charcuterie for one, this cheese was a great choice! It is not the same without Chip, but I believe cheese heals.

Murray’s Pecorino Tartufello

Pecorino Tartufello

This cheese is fantastic. When you open the wrapper, the scent of truffles soothes the soul. It is outrageous. I sliced this wedge, and it actually oozed truffles, actual thinly shaved truffle slices! Oh. My. God.

To say that Murray’s are cheese experts and enthusiasts is an understatement.  Peruse their website for amazing cheeses. They are slightly more expensive but oh so worth the few additional dollars. The website describes Pecorino Tartufello as,

“Milk gathered from sheep that graze on the clay-rich hills of Crete Senesi is made into Pecorino Toscano, but with a twist – the month-old cheese is dotted with slivers of black truffle. Foraged from valleys and forests in Volterra and San Miniato, Italy, the addition of truffle to this piquant and sheepy cheese creates a wonderful balance. Nutty balanced with earthy, mushroomy with sweet. A springy, slightly oily cheese – a sign of the pure, 100% sheep’s milk origin – is the perfect table eating cheese, especially when drizzled with a hint of acacia honey.”

Please do not overthink how to eat it.

If I have learned nothing in the last eight months, it’s that you have no idea if, when, or how your life will change. Enjoy the things that make your heart and soul sing. So, what if I did not create a charcuterie board! I sliced and topped this treasure on a crisp Tuscan olive oil cracker. It needed nothing else. I swear I heard Chip laughing at my joy. He loved slicing a tart apple with cheese, so I added them along with some thinly sliced prosciutto and an olive medley.

I tried it with a glass of red and white wine, and it was a toss-up.

Murray’s cheese is phenomenal. If you have a few extra beanos, it is worth the spend.

(Cheese heals, and so does anything else that brings you peace)

Resources-image and description from Murray’s Cheese in New York City

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