Cheese Heals: Drunken Goat- cheese soaked in wine!

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What could be better than a slice of cheese humbled with an underlying hint of wine? Not too much. The Drunken Goat, or Queso de Murcia al Vino D.O.P is an understated and often overlooked cheese from Spain. A semi soft goat cheese bathed in red wine, it is must try for any experienced cheese lover or for the novice branching away from plain old Cheddar.

According to my friends at Wegmans, this Charcuterie staple weighs in at 110 calories per ounce and at a price point of $19.99 per pound. I scored a slice at 0.43 pound for $8.60. My cheese purchasing cost barometer has no science to it. I love cheese so I am willing to forsake a latte or two for the experience of a glorious cheese. Are you with me?

Smooth and mild with an interesting wine finish

I am writing this blog at 5:30 AM and I am thoroughly enjoying the experience of this slice of cheese. (Time has no chains on cheese.) Upon releasing this beauty from the wrapping, your nose will get a hint of the wine. Drunken Goat cheese is firm, not wet and soft like a traditional goat cheese. To the bite, it is solid on the tongue, yet smooth with the essence of wine. Wait for it….in a few seconds the back of your tongue will trigger the familiar flavor of goat cheese. It is truly unique.

After the 4th slice, ok, I know 4 slices but I had to perform a thorough review. As the cheese came to room temperature the wine undertones just soared. Jeez Louise, does it get any better than that?

Raise the wedge to your nose and inhale the subliminal scent of Spain’s Doble Pasta wine. The cheese is soaked in the wine for about three days and that glorious purple-ish rind is 100% edible. No need to cut that off! It then aged for a little over two months.

Cheese Heals

The logo on the label has a goat leaning back and drinking wine from an ancient urn or jug. I don’t think the goats are drinking the wine, but I do think these are happy goats. They must be to make a cheese so consistently delicious. I have purchased this cheese numerous times and have never had a bad slice.

Happy Goats

Happy, possibly drunken goat puts out its tongue

Not Stinky enough for you?

For the true stinky goat cheese lover, this is a must try. My husband Chip is not a fan but enjoys a slice or two with a glass of wine and some fruit. Add this spectacular cheese to your next Charcuterie or cheese board and it will not disappoint. Cheese Heals you know, and I believe in therapy in its simplest form.

Looking for a wine to enjoy with the Drunken Goat? I am a firm believer in drinking what makes you happy but a fruity Spanish red just might do the job. Depending on the other cheese types you are serving, you could create a small wine flight for your guests and offer various wines.

The Drunken Goat is a winner for sure and I hope you will give it a spot in your cheese drawer or grotto. It is available in most supermarkets and specialty stores.

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