Cheese Heals- Come Ash You Are

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I was inspired to taste Wegman’s Come Ash You Are cheese on this dismal, cold Sunday afternoon. As you know, I believe that Cheese Heals and I need a little saving today. So, I poured myself a glass of Zac Brown’s Uncaged red blend and began the tasting.

Cheese heals

Come Ash You Are…

For cheese to heal, it needs to be magic. To do that, it should be appropriately dressed and presented.  This cheese should be removed from refrigeration and unwrapped 90 minutes before serving for the best flavor. While it was coming to room temperature, I created my plate. It is challenging without Chip, but I find it easier to enjoy it when writing about it rather than relaxing with it.

Come Ash You Are has a semi-hard texture with nutty, grassy notes and finishes with a mushroomy flavor. The ingredients are Pasteurized Cow’s Milk, Salt, Rennet, Egg Lysozyme (preservative), Starter Culture, and Ash.

Milk Type: Cow

Origin: Belgium-USA

Calorie count: 100 calories per ounce, a bargain in my book. It delivers 8 grams of fat, one carb, no sugar, and significant calcium and potassium.

The taste is a little nutty and earthy. At first, I could not tell if I liked it or not. Interesting cave cheese for Wegmans and slightly out of the norm of Professors Brie and Wegman’s Sweet 16 cave cheeses.  I surrounded the cheese with ripe pear, Marcona almonds, prosciutto, and raspberries to give it a fighting chance. A firm cracker is critical for this cheese and must have no taste of its own.

Wegmans come ash you are cheese

Bottom line? Come Ash You Are will not be invited back to the board. I cannot put my finger on the overwhelming scent; sometimes, I think Gouda, and other times, I feel just too earthy. I like cheese that bites back, even if smoothly and subtly. Not every cheese can or should be a Locatelli, but it should linger and be memorable.

Cheese can save a soul.

The weekends are terribly difficult for me. I have lost my partner in crime, but we can find solace in many places. Cheese may be one of them. Please do not let me scare you off. Every taste bud is unique, so try this cheese and let me know your thoughts.



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