Cauliflower Sweet Potato Soup

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This is a great soup served cool on a summer day with corn and a nice Reisling. On a fall day, you could add Italian sausage and pair it with a nice Pinot Noir.


  • Olive Oil-2 teaspoons for sautéing
  • Celery to taste. I am not a celery fan so I used two stalks, you can use up to 3 stalks
  • Shallots:  yum!  how about 1/3 of a cup?
  • Cauliflower: I used almost a head- sliced or cut into small pieces
  • Sweet Potato- 2 medium potatoes peeled and sliced.  You could use regular old potatoes if you don’t like sweet potatoes
  • Chicken Broth- one 32 ounce carton, low sodium, fat-free
  • Salt and Pepper to taste
  • Lemon to squeeze at the end
  • Herbs to garnish- chives or rosemary, even sage

Easy Breezy Preparation

Heat the olive oil in a large pot/pan over medium heat.

Now add the celery and shallots and sauté for  a few minutes until soft.

Ok add the cut up sweet potato and cauliflower along with the broth, salt and pepper and bring it up to a boil.

Once it is cookin’ reduce to low and cover.  Simmer it for 20-25 minutes.

Add a squeeze of lemon juice.

I use a submersible blender to puree; you can take parts and add to a blender to puree until smooth, your call if you want it a little chunkier.

For a twist, I had a few cobs of corn so I cut the corn off add cooked it in a pan, on the stove top, until soft then added that to the pureed soup. You could also add the pureed soup back into the pot, stir in the corn and heat for a bit until the corn is cooked.

I sprinkled some tortilla strips, chives and poured a nice Riesling.  Oh so good.




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