Cauliflower “Burrito Bowl” for Dummies- a la Angela!

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I welcome this evening’s Guest Blogger- Angela! Angela is a self professed non-culinary wiz in the kitchen but this recipe proves otherwise.  Enjoy her humor and outlook towards cooking.  In her own words, please find the yummy recipe for Cauliflower “Burrito Bowl” for Dummies! 

Cooking is not my strongest attribute, at all. Egg whites and turkey on a wrap are pretty much the go to. Most people won’t eat anything I have cooked, because, well, they know better. But with some recent circumstances, I have had to branch out and figure out how in incorporate more variety. Karen introduced me to the Cauliflower Rice and Pinterest gave me the bowl idea, and thus this dish was born. 

I am a freak about food having to be hot, as in steaming as it goes in my mouth, if this isn’t an issue for you, you can skip a few of the steps.

So, here is how I get it done painlessly and without poisoning anyone: 

Go to the co-op on your way home from work (because the grocery store is totally overwhelming) and buy the following:

2-4 Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts

Cauliflower Rice (I used the bagged)

Salsa (the fresh kind at the co-op)

Light Sour Cream (fat free is just ick)

Shredded Cheddar

Sliced Tomatoes, Peppers, whatever you like and is easy

Avocado (optional)

Marinate the chicken for a little while in whatever you have in the fridge (I used Franks and a Hawaiian Marinade, and S&P of course)

Fire up the grill or have someone do it for you. We risk a visit from the Niskayuna Fire Department if I do it on my own.

Shove the bag of Cauliflower Rice in the microwave (5 minutes is the general timing), when it’s done put it in a bowl with a lid (so it will stay warm). But put it back in the microwave for later.

Chop up the other stuff (or get your child who really does like to cook to do it for you). 

Next open up the containers of salsa and sour cream, because remember you just bought them an hour ago. Then bring everything to the table before you grill the chicken so you don’t have to do it later and have cold chicken. 

For me, everything includes paper plates and paper bowls – because in the summer that’s how I roll. Ok let’s be honest – I have really nice plates that I use about 2% of the time. (My mother is rolling over in her grave)

Once you are ready, plop the chicken on the grill and set the timer on your phone to 5 minutes. Check Facebook, reply to emails and when the timer goes off, reset for another 5 minutes, flip them, and continue wasting time on your phone. (Another friend – Helen – told me the 5 minute timing – which works to perfection). When the timer goes off again, they should be done (but do a test cut for safety purposes). 

Oh and sometime during the grilling run upstairs and put the cauliflower rice in a bowl and reheat it for 2 minutes. 

Bring the chicken to the table, grab the cauliflower rice from the microwave and everyone is ready to assemble their own bowls! 


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