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Since its inception, stories and reflections have been the backbone of Pasta on the Floor.  Life has provided me with an endless supply of thoughts and ideas, and I love to share these stories and thoughts. Your comments and blog posts shares are absolutely heartwarming. I thank you.

Do you have something you want to talk about or learn more about?  Please email me at I’d love to hear from you.

I had a date!

A little over a week ago, I had a date. We decided to go out for Italian and chose Marino’s in Schenectady, New York. We communicated on the particulars of the date via text, and he came to pick me up that evening. Nothing feels as good as a date night. Forgive my...

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My Italian son living in Germany

It took me a few days to calm my mind and soul and focus my thoughts before I could formulate the words for this post.  Jack left on Friday to move to Germany for a year as a Fulbright Scholar and to teach English in a German school.  The driver of the car assigned to...

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The Irony of the Empty Nest

An empty nest. An adjective describing a noun and, at the same time, a mother’s state of mind. I have been watching a mother bird painstakingly build a nest, nurse the eggs, and sacrifice everything else to ensure its safety until maturity. I found one egg on the...

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I forget.

When you lose someone so intertwined with your life, there are moments when you ‘feel’ normal, and you forget they are gone. It’s odd. After almost two years, I still think this is not happening, and I am waiting for it to end, but it does not. So many mornings, I...

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I wake up each morning with my arm reaching for you. You're not there. I wake up alone and go through the day alone. One coffee cup. One bathroom towel. One breakfast plate. One seat at the table. One glass of wine. One side of the bed. Some mornings before I open my...

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About Me

KarenHello and welcome.
I am often asked, “What is Pasta on the Floor?”
Pasta on the Floor is different for everyone. It is a recipe that tells a story and inspires them to try something new. For others, stories of family, joy, loss, and hope engage with them. This brings me a great deal of happiness. I do not take myself too seriously, so be forewarned the subject matter is open and truthful. In many ways, Pasta is a tale of life, and I think you will find familiarity and commonality as you scroll through these pages.

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