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Since its inception, stories and reflections have been the backbone of Pasta on the Floor.  Life has provided me with an endless supply of thoughts and ideas, and I love to share these stories and thoughts. Your comments and blog posts shares are absolutely heartwarming. I thank you.

Do you have something you want to talk about or learn more about?  Please email me at I’d love to hear from you.

A summertime walk between the storms

Today in Upstate New York, the storms came with a vengeance and left ahead of the sun.  Chip and I always enjoyed a walk just before or after a snowstorm or thunderstorm. The quiet that falls upon unsuspecting residents is pure. The smells are unique and make the walk...

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No Substitutions Please

Recently, Amelia inquired about the noticeable pause in my blogging activities. I took a moment to reflect on her question. Blogging for me isn't just another task—it's a personal outlet, a way to express the thoughts and emotions that bring me joy or sorrow. I...

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Love ya vs. I love you

Our world would greatly benefit from more expressions of love, be it casual or intense, through text messages, phone calls, or hugs. Consider the number of times you have the privilege of hearing someone say a variation of ‘love’ each day. This affection, love, is not...

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Holiday Lights

Whether young or old, I believe there is something magical in holiday lights. The simplicity, the colors, and the creativity are dazzling.  When I was pregnant with Amelia, Chip would drive me around the neighborhood with a hot chocolate in hand so I could look at the...

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About Me

KarenHello and welcome.
I am often asked, “What is Pasta on the Floor?”
Pasta on the Floor is different for everyone. It is a recipe that tells a story and inspires them to try something new. For others, stories of family, joy, loss, and hope engage with them. This brings me a great deal of happiness. I do not take myself too seriously, so be forewarned the subject matter is open and truthful. In many ways, Pasta is a tale of life, and I think you will find familiarity and commonality as you scroll through these pages.

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