It is safe to say that the human race, on the whole, is obsessed with bread.

From the 1987 hit movie, Moonstruck, staring Nicholas Cage and Cher, comes a great quote about bread:

Ronny Cammareri: “They say bread is life. And I bake bread, bread, *bread*. And I sweat and shovel this stinkin’ dough in and out of this hot hole in the wall, and I should be *so* happy! Huh, sweetie?”

Is bread life?

When you don’t feel well, besides a warm bowl of Pastina, don’t you crave some warm toast lightly buttered? How about in a restaurant when the waiter brings that basket of joy wrapped in a towel and you smell that first whiff of warm bread? Bread = Comfort.

Grilled cheese (the ultimate comfort food)

Caprese Panini (warm mozzarella and tomato, perfecto)

For breakfast: eggs over medium with toasted baguette, or better yet, French Toast!

Baguette bites with a warm cheese dip

Bread takes on others forms such as pizza, calzone, or fried dough.

Chip and I laugh every time someone mentions the word baguette. We were driving through France in 1995 and stopped in a little town for lunch and bought a fresh baguette, some cheese, and meats. We got back in the car and I reached behind him to put the bread in the back seat and accidentally hit him in the head. That baguette was so crunchy on the outside it actually cut his head and he was bleeding. In that case, the bread was not comforting.

How to use bread.

I keep a few packages of ready to bake bread and rolls in my freezer at all times. These take and bake options are wonderful for impromptu guests and additions to a meal that needs a little more bulk. Here are some options:

  • Can you say crostini? I knew you could. Slicing a baguette into small angular slices opens up a world of possibilities.
  • Make mini grilled cheese sandwiches with brie and hot pepper jelly.
  • Drizzle with olive oil and rub a garlic glove on the bread and broil or grill outdoors. Serve with assorted meats and cheeses.
  • Old baguette feeling a little stale? Don’t throw it away. Use it for French Onion Soup or dry it out on the dining room table and use it for breadcrumbs. I also add a little cubed, dried baguette to my Thanksgiving stuffing recipe for a little bit of bulk.
  • Top with a medley of sautéed mushrooms and garlic. Drizzle with Balsamic glaze.

I could go on forever…

Eat the bread and don’t look back with regret. Life is short so enjoy it but don’t waste the calories on poor bread or a bad meal. Think about what you are going to eat or cook. Now sip a glass of wine, relax, and revel in the joy of your decision.

Bread is indeed, life.

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